Introducing Wrappers - Media Monetization Solution

By Publitio • Jun 20, 2018 • In Blog 0 0 831

Wrappers are small javascript codes that can help you with monetization of media (videos & images) on your website.

You get the script code, copy it to footer of your web page, and you can start playing interactive media ads within your videos & images. 

It is an video ad solution, that simplifies integration with Google IMA & VAST tags through Publitio Media Player (see bellow)

You can see it in action here : 

Wrapper basically fetches targeted videos & images and turns them into interactive media (video) elements, that can have both pre-roll and overly ads within them. 

Publishers are seeing amazingly high RPM (CPM) rates within ads networks thanks to this monetization solution.

If you have a website with a decent traffic and rich-in media (video & images) content, this solution can empower your media and bring additional revenue stream to you.

You can start testing Wrappers by creating free account and by visiting   

Once there it will be pretty easy to integrate - you add domain, receive small javascript code & copy/paste it to footer of a website. More info on Wrappers Documentation page

Off course, you will need your own VAST or Goolge Adsense for video adtag, which you can get directly via DFP, ADX/Google Adsense (if your sites meets their traffic criteria) or some Adsense Partners programs (that take their cut):

And here are examples how  Publitio Media Player looks like - one with preroll and other with overlay ad: