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Publitio’s Media Asset Management helps you easily organize and manage your website’s media assets by
offering reliable and long-term storage for large numbers of files. MAM makes it possible to store, access,
edit and share your rich media library. It is the warehouse for your files, including images, video, and
multimedia files.





Simple. Secure. Superfast

Domain level protection

Add an extra layer of protection for your files making sure they can be viewed only on domain names (sites) you've chosen.

HLS video encryption

With HLS video encryption you're able to secure your streaming videos even better, and make it extra-hard for the end visitrs to save your video to their device.

Detailed Analytics

Analytics gives you a chance to see which content your customers like the most. You can focus on the most-viewed files and pages and provide more of them. Additionally, find out about the least-viewed content and work on ways to improve it.

Amazing Support

Publitio provides a top-of-the-line support system - our support team is known for their speed, pleasantness and knowlegde. Stuck with a problem? Just contact our support team!

Pay-as-you-go usage

If you need more storage or bandwidth then included in your plan, pay-as-you-go usage allows you additional capacity and you only pay for what you have used during that billing period.

Secure video hosting with affordable pricing

With servers accross the globe, Publitio is able to achieve blazingly fast load times & low latency.

Media Asset Management System at a glance

Boost your SEO

Publitio provides you with a few ways to boost your SEO: it keeps your files optimized by reducing size while retaining the quality, lowers loading time, reduces the response time and more!

Media Asset Management solutions

No programming knowledge needed

Publito also handles the delivery of videos for apps and web. It includes a free HTML5 video player with custom skins that brings your video live right away.

Create a player directly from the Dashboard and easily customize it to fit in your website and do all of that without using programming languages.

Secure, reliable, affordable

Exceptional Privacy

One of the best ways to secure videos published online is to use HLS streaming protocol and with Publitio, you have nothing to worry about, just enable HLS video encryption for the video of your choice, and enjoy the added security.

Simple Conversion

Publitio works as an online video converter that allows you to easily convert video files between multiple formats. You can convert your video file to any audio, but also image and audio file. Easily optimize your video files for the best possible performance of your website or mobile app.

Superior Pricing

Publitio offers affordable with a monthly flat fee of just 9$, and a simple pay-as-you-go billing if you need even more storage and bandwidth! No hidden fees, no extra charges - only transparent expenditure and billing.

Why is Publitio superior?

Global infrastructure 6 data centers

Blazingly fast load times

Low latency - ~60ms/request

Able to handle millions of requests

Ready for high traffic demands

What our customers say?

Save big via this limited offer

Only 20 seats available!


For which accounts is this promotion available?

This promotion is intended for new (free) accounts, but certain upgrades are possible. If your account is not eligible for the promotion you will get "Sorry, your account can't be upgraded to this plan" message when trying to buy a plan.

How to activate my BUSINESS monthly 50% off plan?

Your account will be auto-upgraded to BUSINESS (-50% off) Plan. Allow few minutes for changes to propagate on all servers. To see and confirm your plan go to Billing Page.

What is Pay-as-you-go usage for storage and bandwidth?

Pay-as-you-go Usage allows unlimited capacity in terms of storage space and bandwith. BUSINESS Plan includes 500GB storage and 1000GB monthly bandwidth in regular price ($45/month), and if you ever go over that limit, you will be billed extra based on excess usage (above included limit).

What else do I get with the Business (50% off) plan?

In addition to 500GB storage and 1000GB monthly bandwidth you will be getting 20 customizable players, 20 ad tags, 20 watermarks, 5 custom CNAME, and most importantly - Domain Level Protection, Enhanced HLS encryption, Detailed Analytics, Password Protected Content, Player Statistics, Backup to S3 and Priority & Technical Support.

What if I have Lifetime Publitio account?

Your stacked capacity will be included in BUSINESS plan and you will gain extra capacity. For example, Lifetime Hacker plan with 100GB storage and 500GB bandwidth after subscription to BUSINESS plan will include 600GB storage and 1500GB bandwidth for $45.00/month and if you ever go over that limit, you will be billed extra only based on excess usage (above included limit). In case of buying of LTD Business capacity will also be added to existing plan (max 10x stacks)

Can I refund my order?

Yes, we offer 14 days refund and you can cancel subscripon at any time if you want at Billing Page

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will be downgraded to FREE plan and will lose access to this specialy discounted BUSINESS plan. You can start new subscription later anytime you want, but at regular price.

I have a Lifetime Publitio account, what happens if I cancel my Business (-50% off) plan?

You will be downgraded to your regular LTD plan, depending on what you have bought previously.

Can I play via PayPal?

LTD plans can be payed via PayPal.

Any questions?

Just drop us an email at info@publit.io or contact us via support chat/ticket on site