Fastest file delivery

High loading speed is of great importance nowadays, when the internet is growing. When we talk about website speed, there are various elements that need to be optimized such as images, videos, apps etc. Having a website with a high loading speed means:

Better User Experience

Better position in search engines

Higher conversion rates

1 out of 4 customers will abandon a webpage that takes more than 4 seconds to load. The faster the website means more people will stick around and stay for longer.

Benefits of CDN

If you wonder who uses a CDN - pretty much everyone. More than half of the internet traffic is served through CDN today. If you have done pretty much anything online, you have benefited from CDN, whether you knew it or not. These are the reasons why it is a great option:

Global access

Content delivery networks help make content globally available by having multiple Points of Presence. Being global is an important step to high-quality.

Reduced latency

Large distances between a user requesting web content and the server delivering it can result in greater latency. Content delivery network servers store cached web content closer to your users, resulting in reduced latency and improved performance.

Better response to traffic spikes

Content delivery networks use “load balancing” to distribute the demand across servers and prevent a single-server overloading. Load balancing also prevents the spike from impacting website performance.

Data analytics

Most CDN providers include automatic data analytics like: most searched topics, location, time etc. This is useful for companies because it shows which practises work and which do not and it also allows for them to improve their business model.

Reduce your costs

  • Reduce the cost of transferring data
  • Eliminate having to pay for expensive foreign services and for multiple providers
  • Use a CDN and have your content available globally with the help of a single provider
  • Cut down on traffic between the hosting server and the rest of the internet


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