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I am attempting to add a video into my Elementor WP Site, and the video will not show up. I've looked and looked but cannot find a solution as to why.
I have it on mute.
I do not have the thumbnail on.
I cannot figure out what else to do to get it to work. Please help!

BY Nicolette 0 1
url elementor word press source not working
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Sep 25, 2020

Hi Nicolette, there might be problem as Elementor strips the code and that is why you don't see anything,
did you try to paste Iframe code (this is same as Youtube code) and test that?
Also since elementor is closed a lot to outside content maybe using our offloading plugin for Videos only could solve problem.

Please read blog post, and if you install Plugin make sure to Enable only Video content and by doing that you can add video from media library to your blog post via Elementor.

hile testing out publitio on wordpress, my badnwidth kept going up. Does this bandwidth reset at the end of every month? I don't mean the daily bandwidth

BY Daniel Odediran 0 2
Sep 18, 2020

As of offloading plugin issue you encountered, it is really specific because you restored old backup and who knows what really happened with all the files, etc. Really, it is probably up to Folder you selected to which to sync your media library. You can easily delete Folder with WP files on Publitio, create & select new folder within offloading plugin settings and click on Sync Now button - so this will create new files collection

Is there a way to set the thumbnail of the video to the first frame of the video rather than the default setting of later on please?

BY Tom MacKay 0 1
Sep 08, 2020

yes, there is a way to set custom thumbnail for a video, please see

1 month ago Playback speeds

I asked this question last year and you said that playback speed was on the roadmap. Please can you give me an update when this feature will be available?

BY Wendy 0 3
Sep 03, 2020

Thanks very much, this is great.

I want all the images and videos that i upload to my publitio account to be automatically sync to my S3 bucket with AWS. how can i do that

BY ghouse 0 2
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Sep 03, 2020


we still don't have that kind of integration, only way would be if you use our API and build up some script on your end to do that.

I would like to include audio assets on my website, and only there. Can you explain how Domain Level Protection works and how it is being used?
I could not find any information about Domain Level Protection or tokens in the developer docs.

BY Tim P. 0 2
javascript domain-level-protection token
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Sep 03, 2020

Hi Tim,

you can check our post with HLS and Domain level protection you can see in that video use case on how to do it.

Does api allow offline mode, where users can download videos for offline use but video files cannot be shared ?

BY Emmanuel Adjei-Kusi 0 1
Aug 07, 2020

api can return mp4 link, but your app needs to save it locally if you want it for offline use

Please help!

BY Cassandra Gooding 0 2
Francis s Massaquoi
Francis s Massaquoi
Aug 21, 2020

How do I play video

3 months ago Are there stats?

any stats available on watched videos?

BY nick baskett 0 1
Jul 06, 2020

No, video stats not yet available.. only general usage stats (like storage and bandwidth consumptions) here

and on each file view page you can see Hits (number of plays/streams)

On the android SDK, I understand calling an instance of the Publitio class (Publitio publitio = new Publitio(this) ) gives you the option of querying folders or files details when supplied with a Map of strings ( 'publitio.folders().foldersList(map, new PublitioCallback<JsonObject>() ... ' ), but my videos are segmented into a list of subject folders, and in each subject folder another set of folders based off topics. I would like to know how I can query through these folders in my media library. Please note that I know how to get a list of all the folders/all files as JSON objects. My question is more of how I can get access to video files in a specific folder amidst the others.

BY Eric Ogie 0 2
sdk android files Query Java JSON Objects
Eric Ogie
Eric Ogie
Jun 26, 2020

Simply saying "you need and pass tags + folder query param" does not make things clear. perhaps an example of how this can be used might help. Please be more explicit. An example stating

HOW TO ADD (+) folder query params.

If I am using this URL( as stated by you) to call a list of my file's details, do I have to pass a key or credentials in the url as well?