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How do I get the video to play in wordpress

BY Tony Tydeman 28 2
Mar 22, 2021

May I ask you to reach out to our support with a ticket, so that we can check out what seems to be the problem.

2 months ago Helmut

I discovered that if I use a custom thumbnail for the start of a video, instead of all preview thumbnails of the video in the status bar, only the poster thumbnail appears (for the entire duration of the video).

It would be wonderful if this bug could be fixed.


BY Leander D. Loacker 23 1
Mar 08, 2021

May I ask you to reach out to our support with a ticket and URLs to the pages where you used Publitio's video player and experiencing these issues?

I am creating a membership site and I want the highest quality video possible I can produce. Publitio seems like a well rounded choice between functionality, speed, price, and support compared with its competitors.

In all the reviews I've seen integrating it with Wordpress I've only seen resolution options up to 1080p. So, does Does Publitio support 4k/8k video resolution?

BY Luke 23 1
video resolution
Mar 04, 2021

Hi @Luke May I kindly ask you to reach out to our support with a ticket so that our developers can try to help you out?


I set all my files to private without understanding that is NOT what I wanted.

Now, how do I remove the private status of files

BY Dean Campbell 22 1
Mar 01, 2021

Hi @Dean Campbell Simply select a file from the dashboard, navigate to the upper right corner to open edit options of the file. Once you do that, tick 'Set file privacy to Public', which should remove privacy restrictions from the file in question.

2 months ago Server location

In which country on which server is my data stored?

BY Jochen 27 1
country server location
Feb 22, 2021

Hi @Jochen Here is our Infrastructure explained and data centers locations listed

How to enable HLS from the Python SDK? I need to upload videos programmatically with HLS enabled to stream videos...

BY Taufiq 24 1
python HLS
Feb 15, 2021

Hi @Taufiq, Here is the full SDK documentation To enable HLS, you can use option_hls=1 or hls=1 parameter.

It's been a month since I was assured that analytics were "in the works" and I'm just checking in on the progress.

BY Michael 24 1
video analytics engagement graph
Feb 15, 2021

Hi @Michael, We are expecting this analytics feature to roll out during 2021. Check out our roadmap here

I'm using your iframe embed code for mp4 video but the video doesn't play on mobile.

BY Sandy Meier 28 2
Feb 09, 2021

The reason that your video is not loading might be that you already spent your bandwidth. But to be sure, please reach out to our support with more details. Thank you

hello , i am new to publito . Can anyone tell how to place ads in my video . i dont know how please help me. Thanks

BY dfsf 25 1
help ads new
Jan 22, 2021

Hi @dfsf thank you for joining
It's super easy to monetize your videos with Publitio since we support VAST/IMA Ad Tags. To create tags visit and to learn more about Video ads and tags, read all about it here
If you still have issues with it, let us know.

I want to stream a live event in HLS format output using OBS or similar software plugin.
Does Publitio have this feature?
Wellington Ziotto

BY Wellington Ziotto 27 1
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Jan 18, 2021

Hi Wellington,

we do not provide live streaming option with Publitio in that way.
We do not have RTS support @ this moment.