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Vimeo is certainly one of the best known video platforms, packed with many useful features alowing their users to create, host and share their videos. But be aware that Vimeo may not be the perfect solution for if you're looking to protect your files from being downloaded or pirated. If you're torn between choosing between Publitio and Vimeo, we're going to help you choose the perfect solution for you.

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What's the difference between
Publitio and Vimeo

We are perfectly aware there is no one-size-fits-all product, but we're here to help you choose the product that fits you!

At Publitio, we no longer have confusing tiered plans, leaving you to wonder how much storage you will need and calculate how much bandwidth you will be spending. There's only one, pay-as-you-go premium plan, where you pay only for what you spend! Another important difference is that Vimeo does not provide image and document hosting, while Publitio acts as a CDN allowing you to store all your important assets.

Also, Publitio provides API and SKDs to integrate into your product.

Most importantly, Publitio doesn't limit you with yearly storage amount limits. You can store as much files as you need, and you will be charged only for the storage you've uploaded to Publitio.

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Publitio over Vimeo

Let's go over some of the main differences and reasons you should opt for
Publitio when searching for your next video hosting solution.


When it comes to storage, Publitio has the upper hand - you can store videos, images and documents, while Vimeo only allows you to store videos. Not only that, but Vimeo has a limit of how much you can upload each year. For example, if you want to upload more than 250GB per year, you need to switch to a more expensive plan. Publitio allows you to store as much files as you want, and pay only for what you have stored, and prices are as low as $0.035/GB of storage space.



Both platforms offer a variety of security options, but Publitio is, once again, a better option for those who have online courses, tutorials or eLearning platforms.

While Vimeo offers private link sharing, password and domain level protection, those videos can still be easily downloaded. Publitio, on the other hand offers all of this plus HLS encryption, making it almost impossible for anyone to download your content.

Access your content anywhere


Vimeo has several tiered paid plans you can choose from, starting from $7/month up to $75/month. These come with their limitations in terms of storage/bandwidth expenditure and additional features. Also, for some plans you only have the option to purchase a yearly plan, making you commit to a full year without really knowing your specific needs.

With Publitio there are no hidden costs, and many of our extra features won't cost you a penny! Transcoding? A customizable player? Watermarking? All completely free! You only pay for what you spend in terms of bandwidth and storage space you occupy thanks to the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Affordable & predictable pay-as-you-go pricing


Both Vimeo and Publitio offer a powerful look into your stats. Both platforms offer a detailed analytics dashboard, you can dive into where your users are coming from and from which sources, see what your most popular files are, which formats have the most views and so on.

Analytics to discover the performance of your files

Customer support

Vimeo offers support only during US business hours and higher plans have a higher priority.

Since Publitio offers only one paid plan - Premium, all of our Premium users get priority support, no matter how much they spend. Not only that, but Publitio also offers customer support to those who are on the Free plan.

Amazing support

Customizable player

Both Vimeo and Publitio offer a customizable player with no ads before, after or on your video (for Vimeo, this feature is only for paid plans). Both players are embedable everywhere, unbranded, with customizable colors and speed control.

Although Vimeo offers a wider range of customizations, depending on what you need Publitio's player works just as well.

Amazing support

How Publitio Compares to Vimeo Vimeo
Storage Unlimited Starts from 5GB/week
Asset Types Image, Video, Audio, Document Only video
HLS Video streaming
URL based transcoding
Domain level file protection
Files downloading and sharing
Detailed analytics
Free customer support for all types of accounts
Custom CNAME Included in $19 plan
Free Plan
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Live Streaming Included in $75 plan
Social stats
No ads Only for paid plans
Customizable player
Unbranded player Included in $19 plan Included in $20 plan
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