Why Choose Publitio
over Cloudinary

Although Cloudinary is a very popular company and a well-made product which offers you a variety of solutions when it comes to DAM, you should be aware that there are many other websites with the same mission as Cloudinary! If you are considering between Publitio and Cloudinary, our comparison below will help you to choose the best solution for your team.

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What's the difference between Publitio and Cloudinary

Although no two products are the same, everyone of them offers a variaty of solutions. You just need the one that's right for you. And we're going to help you with that. The main difference between Cloudinary and Publitio is that Cloudinary was built for images with E-commerce & retail in mind while Publitio focuses a bit more on video and has built their product for online course creators, developers and people building VOD services.

Another important difference is the pricing method - when it comes to Cloudinary, you pay a certain monthly amount no matter how much you use it. Publitio, on the other hand let's you pay only for what you actually spend, and ends up being waaay more affordable, and cost effective. Publitio also focuses much more on security of your files, giving you the options to watermark your assets, place a domain level protection, use HLS encryption, and more.

Not only that, but Publitio is also super simple to use. The UI was created with the end user in mind, while being packed with super-useful features.

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We assure you that Publitio won’t waste your time or money! Open the pricing section
and see all the details about our pricing plans. Our plans offer a one-size-fit-all
approach, with low entry fee for SMBs and truly unlimited potential in scaling for
large & enterprise size business.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Publitio over Cloudinary


With Publitio, you can rest assured that your content is always
protected with the latest security tools. Make your file private,
playable only on your domain and prevent anyone from
it with a click of a button.

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Access your content

With Publitio's global infrastructure, your files will have blazingly fast load times & low latency for cached files: on average ~60ms/request. Our infrastucture was built to scale - it can handle millions of requests by design!

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Access your content anywhere

Affordable & predictable
pay-as-you-go pricing

With Publitio there are no hidden costs, and many of our extra features won't cost you a penny! Transcoding? A customizable player? Watermarking? All completely free! You only pay for what you spend in terms of bandwidth and storage space you occupy. Just focus on your buisiness and Publitio will handle all your image and
video related needs!

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Affordable & predictable pay-as-you-go pricing

Analytics to discover the
performance of your files

With the newest addition to the Publitio features, you will never be in the dark. The analytics are built to help our users understand how their files perform in terms of user engagement. With proper data analysis this feature can be quite a handy tool.

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Analytics to discover the performance of your files

Amazing support

Customer support service is a very important part of every enterprise, company, website… Everybody wants to get answers to their questions and professional help.

Luckily, Publitio has Customer support service! You will always get a reply in no time, we will explain everything and solve all your problems!

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Amazing support

How Publitio Compares to Cloudinary

Top DAM Features Publit.io Cloudinary
Assets Management and Manipulation
HLS Video streaming
URL based transcoding
Domain level file protection Included in $19 plan Included in $249 plan
Files downloading and sharing
Detailed analytics
Unlimited file size
Free watermarking of images and videos
Free customer support for all types of accounts
Simple to use
Custom CNAME Included in $19 plan Included in $249 plan
Data centers 6 Data centers. Files are served from closest data centers based on geolocation rules. US by default. Enterprise accounts can request different location i.e. Europe and Asia Pacific.
Free Plan
First Paid Plan $19/month $99/month
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Unlimited transformations

With Publitio, you get the best
value for your money



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