In this post we will explain Publitio infrastructure and how underlying technology behind it works. Whether you are using Publitio as a video back-end, image hosting or media asset management solution you will see the benefits of this Platform-as-a-service

CDN by default

Publitio infrastructure is global. We have deployed servers for and services in 8 data centers: in United States (New York and San Francisco), Canada (Toronto), Europe (London and Amsterdam) and Asia (Bangalore, Singapore and Sydney). Wherever your visitors are coming from, we will serve them your images, videos & media assets from closest data center based on geolocation rules. This itself makes Publitio server infrastructure behaves as Content Delivery Network (CDN) by default. With this configuration we are able to achieve blazingly fast load times & low latency for cached files: on average ~60ms/request (compared to 30ms/request by Amazon CloudFront) - and these initial speeds are achieved just by distributed servers setup - without real CDN solution on top of it. In previous blog posts we written how to setup your own CNAME and CDN for media files URLs and if you are in for maximum performance you can still do that to achieve lowest latency possible - and Publitio infrastructure will act as multiple-origin source in that case.

Geo-proximity map of data centers & servers


Built to Scale

Publitio infrastructure is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design. We partner with leading cloud providers to ensure that your media assets will be always available and delivered at the best speed. Our infrastructure is ready for high traffic demands - and whether you have small website or media savvy app  - we will meet your demand.