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Why do I need Media Asset Management?

The main reason for investing in a Media Asset Management solution is because it provides organization for your media library. It helps you find, store, edit, manage and publish your multimedia files while creating a more efficient workflow.

Media Asset Management System at a glance

Other than that, MAM provides a variety of other functions:

  • Security for your multimedia files
  • Access to your files from any device
  • Control of your assets in order to avoid duplicates
  • Access to your files to anyone from your team
  • Overview of assets’ usage
  • Access to the history of each file and more

Access your content -
Anywhere, Anytime

Publitio’s secure cloud infrastructure allows you to manipulate your assets from different locations and across multiple devices. Rather than pulling your files from different systems, you can store them all in one place thanks to our cloud-hosted environment. Try it out.

Media Asset Management solutions

Easily manage your media assets

Create and upload your content

Before you start structuring and organizing your content, you need to upload your files first. The process is quite simple and self-explanatory. Publitio allows creating folders and subfolders for better organization and easier management of your assets.

Preview your media files in your browser

Publitio makes it possible to preview the content of your files from your browser, but also offers analytics preview for all your files. Track every aspect of usage of your assets.

Convert, share and

Manage every file as you wish. Convert your files with ease or download them to your device. Sharing download links for external users is safe and secure!

Media Asset Management solutions in the cloud

Make collaborations easier

Media Asset Management is great for editors and developers since it makes online collaborations easier. Provide every employee, partner or group with access to your marketing or multimedia assets. Collaborate in a secure workspace and accomplish more together.

Media Asset Management solutions in the cloud

Increase engagement with content insights

Publitio features Analytics which allows you to get further insights into where, when, and how your assets are being used. This helps you overview the “strengths and weaknesses” of your assets and allows you to track content performance and optimize your assets for the best results.

Media Asset Management solutions in the cloud

Media Asset Delivery and Infrastructure

In order to deliver high-quality services, a Media Asset Management company must have a high-performing, reliable, scalable, and very flexible infrastructure. That way you can serve your assets to clients around the globe. Publitio offers integrated CDN by default, which means it offers the best of both: high-speed distribution and granular search, metadata, and transcoding. It can handle millions of requests by design.

Media Asset Management solutions in the cloud

Different versions of the original asset

Large media files can slow down website loading but can also be problematic when it comes to sharing. Publitio offers URL-based API which allows you to create different editions and versions to address those concerns. High-quality media processing and transcoding solutions for fast content delivery are here. Working with media files has never been easier.

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Media Asset Management FAQ

What is Media Asset Management?

The Media Asset Management system helps you organize your video and multimedia files. It provides cloud storage for your assets and allows you to access, edit or publish them safely from any location and any device.

Why is Media Asset Management important?

Above all, it allows your company to keep track of all of its assets. From wherever you are, and whenever you want to, you can see where assets are located, how they are used, and what kinds of changes were made to them. In other words, proper asset management can save companies time and money.

How is MAM different from DAM?

While both of these terms are used interchangeably and have a lot in common, there is a thin borderline. In short, MAM handles audio and video files better and heavily focuses on those types of assets.

How much does the Media Asset Management system cost?

Publitio offers different pricing plans. You can try out the free Starter plan and later upgrade to a larger one. For more detailed information, check out our pricing page.

Is Media Asset Management the same as CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network and its purpose is to deliver content to users around the world. CDN minimizes the distance between users and the website’s server. Publitio’s Media Asset Management system utilizes CDN to ensure high-speed and effective distribution of your data anywhere and anytime you want.