Welcome to Publit.io Analytics

Analytics is an amazing feature that shows you the most important details about the performance of your files. Since we do listen to our users, and as promised, we are delivering Analytics for your Publit.io files. It’s alive and ready for you to start using it. Let's dig deeper into what analytics is and how you can benefit from it.

What Is Analytics?

Analytics is the process of logically examining raw datasets and drawing conclusions out of them. The data contains a wide range of (non-personal) information about your clients and their activity related to your assets. 

Publit.io Analytics Dashboard

Our great new feature is just a click away after you log in. On the left menu, you will be able to see Analytics. Once you click on it, you will enter the realm of meaningful data of the performance of your files. 

Analytics metrics and data

Each analytics tool has its own datasets, but some of the most common ones are the total number of requests, bandwidth, time, location, the most viewed files, and their versions, the most used browsers and operating systems, etc. All this data will help you notice some patterns which can be useful to understand your customers better, find strengths and weaknesses.

The Analytics dashboard will present the following data by default:

Requests - The number of times your files and their versions have been requested

Bandwidth - Total and used bandwidth

Top files - Top performing files you uploaded to Publit.io

Top version - Best performing versions of original files

Top options - Most requested/used files transformations

Top formats - Most requested file formats

Top referer - List of websites your users are coming from

Top systems - List of top operating systems your users are using

Top files - Top 10 most viewed files

Time filtering

All data is set to last 30 days period. Feel free to change the data preview by ticking the drop-down menu next to the metric you are analyzing:

File analytics

Besides the Analytics dashboard, you will be able to see the performance of each file individually. All data will be presented just above the file once you open it from your Publit.io account:

Benefits of using Analytics data

Analytics gives you a bunch of information about your customers and their behaviors over a certain period of time in the past. While having knowledge about it, you should try to predict your customer’s behavior according to the information given about them.

Create Better Content Marketing Strategies

Every decision you make for your website should be convenient for your current visitors and attractive to your new visitors. Getting to know your customers and their behavior will help you understand them better and realize what they want to see, but having a strong marketing strategy is what will bring you new users and the growth of your business. 

The analytics will show you which traffic source and location most of your visits come from, as well as top browsers, systems, files... With that knowledge, you can create a very powerful marketing campaign which will result in more people knowing about your business and have more visitors and customers.

Improve CRO Efforts    

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of raising the number of customer interactions on your website. It will be easier to turn visitors into paying customers if you improve your content by analyzing your customers’ activity related to your Publitio files. 

Knowing what your visitors want will help you target certain groups of people who are most certainly interested in your content.

Start using Publitio Analytics

Analytics gives you a chance to see which content your customers like the most. You can focus on the most-viewed files and pages and provide more of them. Additionally, find out about the least-viewed content and work on ways to improve it. 

Check out our Support Center for more information related to Publitio Analytics.

Hope you will enjoy our latest Analytics updates and hope that our data will help you in the future to make data-driven business decisions.