Video Management

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Manage your video content, publish video files to different media, track
and analyze who and how uses your video materials.

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Create an efficient workflow

A storage for your files but at the same time, it allows you to work with them.

The automatic back up keeps your files up to date and makes everything a lot easier.

Easily share the latest versions of your files with your teammates.

Seamlessly access and use this video management system from every corner of the globe can.

Secure video hosting with affordable pricing

With servers accross the globe, Publitio is able to achieve blazingly fast load times & low latency.

Media Asset Management System at a glance

Boost your SEO

Publitio provides you with a few ways to boost your SEO: it keeps your files optimized by reducing size while retaining the quality, lowers loading time, reduces the response time and more!

Media Asset Management solutions

No programming knowledge needed

Publito also handles the delivery of videos for apps and web. It includes a free HTML5 video player with custom skins that brings your video live right away.

Create a player directly from the Dashboard and easily customize it to fit in your website and do all of that without using programming languages.

Secure, reliable, affordable

Exceptional Privacy

One of the best ways to secure videos published online is to use HLS streaming protocol and with Publitio, you have nothing to worry about, just enable HLS video encryption for the video of your choice, and enjoy the added security.

Simple Conversion

Publitio works as an online video converter that allows you to easily convert video files between multiple formats. You can convert your video file to any audio, but also image and audio file. Easily optimize your video files for the best possible performance of your website or mobile app.

Superior Pricing

Publitio offers affordable with a monthly flat fee of just 9$, and a simple pay-as-you-go billing if you need even more storage and bandwidth! No hidden fees, no extra charges - only transparent expenditure and billing.

Why is Publitio superior?

Global infrastructure 6 data centers

Blazingly fast load times

Low latency - ~60ms/request

Able to handle millions of requests

Ready for high traffic demands


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