HLS Streaming

Add an extra layer of protection

Enjoy the best possible quality of your videos, with the ability to change the resolution anytime and maximum security of your content.

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Benefits of Publitio HLS Streaming

Get full control over your files from the cloud, control the privacy settings, and decide who can save or download your files,and do this through your media library.

Best possible quality of your videos

HTML5 support

DRM support

Video Encryption

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Stream videos no matter their duration

What do I get with HLS streaming?

Make sure your video gets played anywhere!

HTTP live streaming simplifies the playback of your video. HLS breaks down your original file into smaller, downloadable HTTP files, and then delivers them via HTTP protocol and all devices connected to the internet support HTTP.

No need for third party transcoders!

Publitio does the transcoding to M3U8 for you.

With a click of a button, your original file will be transcoded to HLS and ready for streaming and encryption

Player that suits your needs

In order to watch an HLS video, you need to have a video player that supports the HLS format and Publitio offers you a built-in video player with HLS support which will automatically do the adaptive bitrate streaming on any device.

And, bonus, if you enable video encryption before you start streaming your video, it will be secured via HLS encryption, giving it an additional layer of protection.

Your video - without interruptions

With adaptive bitrate streaming, automatic selection of the best suited video stream depending on the viewer’s device and internet speed available is enabled. Thanks to the short duration of the files, the device can easily switch from one quality to another, if the internet speed keeps changing.

Encrypt your video with HLS

Protect your video and make sure its very difficult for uninvited people to watch, download or screen capture your video!

Publitio offers HLS Video Encryption as an additional layer of protection when it comes to streaming videos over content delivery networks. The encryption happens during the transcoding process, which requires the encryption keys and algorithms. Only the owner of those keys has access to the video. Before the video is played, keys are being exchanged and checked. This way, you will prevent unauthorized downloading of your videos.

Why should I use HLS Streaming?


HLS has proven to be the best live streaming solution for mobile phones and tablets.

Quality is key. If you want to deliver high-resolution videos with bigger size and duration to people all over the internet, HLS is definitely the right choice for you.


HLS is supported by all Apple devices and over the years, HLS became available on many other devices and browsers:
Microsoft devices, iOS devices, Android devices, macOS platforms, Microsoft Edge, Safari, VLC Media Player, iTunes, GOM Player, JW Player…


One of the best ways to secure videos published online is to use HLS streaming protocol. If you are Publitio customer, then you have nothing to worry about, just enable HLS video encryption for the video of your choice.


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HLS streaming FAQ

How can I use HLS with Publitio?

Publitio allows you to host, transcode and deliver your video content, along with security features to protect your content. You need to upload a video, enable HLS encryption, the website will automatically transcode your video to HLS (.m3u8 file). To share your video, copy the iFrame URL from “Embed/Player codes” and embed it to your website.

Why should I use HLS and when?

You should use HLS because it is the best streaming protocol, available on the variety of devices, browsers and video players. HLS provides the best possible quality of the video, the ability to change the resolution anytime and security of your content.

What is HLS Streaming Protocol?

HLS Streaming Protocol (HTTP Live Streaming) is an adaptive bitrate streaming protocol, which helps you stream videos or send them on demand. HLS is based on HTTP, so it allows streaming from a regular web server or content delivery network.

Which browser is best for HLS Streaming?

Microsoft Edge and later Safari Browser versions are the best when it comes to HLS support. Google Chrome has enabled HLS Streaming through the “experimental Web Platform features”.

Is HLS better than mpegts?

The main difference between HLS and mpegts is adaptive bitrate streaming. Mpegts sends video chunks at a standard rate, no matter the internet speed, while HLS adapts to the internet condition and works along with it.