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hi , i am new to here , i saw publitio today and quickly subcribed to premium plan , but still i am confused my api test is not working , i have my api key , token generated and using but not working ,also when i try to upload files using the dashboard it says both file uploaded and something went wrong , the product seems unstable any help please ?

BY Code With Moha 182 1
access something went wrong unauthorized
Apr 01, 2024

Hello Moha,

We answered you via the ticket. Unauthorized error is shown when wrong keys are used, keys come in pairs: API key and API secret, Both are used within the instance of Publitio SDK.

You can find an example here:

and here is the complete code:

Make sure your API keys permission is set to your needs.

JS SDK Docs:


Hi, I accidentally deleted a folder. Is there any way to recover it? Is there a recycle bin or something that I can recover my files?

Thank you!

BY Bei 216 1
recycle bin
Mar 18, 2024

Hello Bei,

Sadly no soft deletes are still in development pipeline, deleted files can not be retrieved at this point. :(

My Business partner invited me to join him on to his publitio account. He used my correct e-mail address, and when I clicked on joining, I also used my correct e-mail address, but the response was, A different e-mail address was used for the invitation. That, is simply not true. Wwe both used my same e-mail address. so, how do we fix this? My e-mail address is:
Thank you!

BY Artie Vichnis 225 2
Apr 17, 2024

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I have created a folder containing approx 20 files.

I want to email the link to the folder, but I can only see functionality to access the links for individual files.

Is it possible to access the link for the folder, so that the recipient has access to the individual files?

Thank you

Mark Nicholson

BY Mark Nicholson 234 1
Mar 18, 2024

Hello Mark,

Folder share feature is released, you can find share options under more actions (three dots) when you hover the folder you wish to share.

We are trying to export 13,0000 images from into the CSV file it provides. But when we try it errors and a bunch of popup messages display stating (something went wrong) where it would usually say it uploaded. The working alternative at the moment is to convert 25 images at a time under the highlight this page option in the files tab. Unfortunately, that would mean we would need to export out of over 500 times to CSV's instead of just once from the highlight all option. Any ideas on how to fix this issue or efficient alternatives?

BY Finley Nickel 216 1
images error export csv Highlight
Mar 18, 2024

Hello Finley,

Mass CSV and JSON export should be fixed now.

9 months ago how to make money

How to get money

BY dream Dream 229 1
Mar 18, 2024

Hello Dream Dream,

You can earn money by providing an adtag to your player and your videos will display ads which will earn you money.

Not sure it's the right place to ask but...

could we have the Jetpack application (on Android at least) include the Publitio plugin?

At this time it's difficult to add a video from a smartphone because the Publitio plugin is not recognized by Jetpack.

BY JSB 909 1
plugin jetpack smartphone
Jun 09, 2023


we're not familiar with Jetpack and it's eco system :(

our developers will check if our wordpress plugins can be ported to it

Hi. I want to upload about 100Gb of really low-quality content - videos recorded 10-15 years ago using VHS cameras or mobile phones (usually 480p, but most of the videos are 360p and a few 720p).

Because there are around 800 video files, I want to keep the file size as low as possible.

Already tried multiple ways to optimize the size:
- Disabled Eager transformations
- removed the unneeded file versions (I don't need 480p for videos which are 360p, I want to keep one version of the video)

When I play the video the deleted resolutions still show up in the player and when I click on them it shows an error message: "Oops... we're having trouble playing this video"

How can I solve this issue? I want a single resolution for my videos, and I don't want to show the video resolutions which are already removed. Honestly, the quality difference between 360p and 480p videos is negligible in my case (360p is as blurry as 480p). Thank you!

BY Istvan Balinth 870 2
Masuk Sarker
Masuk Sarker
May 04, 2024

hi, I want to render with 108p0 online, but the player always renders additional 360p

On YouTube Plus, if you are playing a video and then close down the app, it saves your spot so you can come back to the same time marker. Is this feature offered in Publitio?

BY Daniela Uslan 878 3
Mar 22, 2024

Hello Daniela,

Our new player will remember the time of the video it stopped playing and continue from the same spot if this player option is enabled.

1 year ago simple player

Which one is the Publitio simple player and what are its features

BY Michael Quinn 928 1
Jun 09, 2023

You can see publitio player in action here