At Publitio, our mission has always been to deliver an unparalleled media assets management experience for common images &videos tasks.

To continue to improve experience on Publitio, we will be increasing the prices for Publitio plans. We'll continue to simplify your workflow, and enhance your digital experiences with Publitio.

Price Change

This is our first price change since the launch of the service. New prices of Publitio plans will be as following:

  • Premium plan price is now $19/month
  • Startup plan price is now $59/month
  • Business plan price is now $99/month

Publitio plans pricing table


New (Startup) plan

As you can see from above, we have new plan called "Startup" available. It is mid-sized (between Premium and Business plan) and it includes 250GB storage and 500GB bandwidth/month, together will all the Premium perks, plus 2K Video Encoding and Password Protected Content, for a price of $59/month. Startup plan inherits pay-as-you-go pricing from Premium (scaled to any amount of storage/bandwidth needed, and you pay extra only for usage that happen during a month)

StartUp plan benefits


Enhanced benefits & features coming soon

Since the full rollout of Dashboard V2 (it is now default dashboard), with new onboarding and billing - which was our development team priority, we are finally able to focus on a long awaited (and promised) features requests

Feature requests

Some of the top features that will be rolled out in coming weeks/months are :

  1. UTF-8 encoding for public id's and folders
  2. Accounts GEO location option (between US, Europe, Asia)
  3. Access Token options (24h, 48h, 7D, 30D, # access, permanent)
  4. Cast to TV button for Publitio Player
  5. AVIF image format support
  6. ZIP file format support
  7. WordPress plugins update
  8. Flatter SDK development
  9. DRM