As some of you might have heard, we have been hard at work for the past several months. We tried to tackle perhaps the most important thing - the user experience. And, we must admit, it was a *major* endeavor.

Introducing Publitio Dashboard V2

Drumroll, please! It’s high time for us to introduce our new, beautifully-designed Dashboard (V2), created to make you the most productive media assets manager in the galaxy (and beyond!). The new dashboard is cleaner and neater, more user-friendly, and quite pretty if we do say so ourselves. 

Let’s guide you through the most important updates

Not to toot our own horns, but besides being sleek our new dashboard is extra useful, and provides even more options for you to protect your content from grubby, stealing hands of grubby stealing thieves. So let’s go over some of the most important ones.

A new look and feel

Dashboard V2 now supports dark and light themes (yes!). You can easily switch between these two modes, and at the Welcome page, you have general chat available, together with feature requests upvoting.

Better Upload

Uploading your files is now easier than ever, and with more options than you probably need. Easily toggle the features you need with just a click of the button! Want to add tags for easier management? Just type them in. Need extra security? Enable HLS protection, disable downloads, and add your watermark.

Multiple Accounts support

With Dashboard V2 you can now easily create multiple (sub) accounts. Each sub-account comes in the form of domain that has unique folder and public id structure (nor more naming overlapping, yoo-hoo!), and during creation process you could set desired storage or bandwidth quota, specific geo location for storing of your files, etc.

Team Access now available

Each account respectively can have it's own team members. Navigate to the settings page in order to invite your team mates and collaborate on your media assets together.

Powerful Media Library

Media library got a new look too, and is now more powerful then ever before. Multiple actions, folders creation and management, easy of upload, search, files browsing and management, all are part of Dashboard V2

API keys and API tokens

Developers can now take advantage of simple API bearer tokens for integration, while providing specific permissions (read create update delete) to each token or key is also available.

Updated player

We heard you loud and clear, and added all of the features you could need to pimp your player. You can now add speed control, disable or enable the control bar, loop your video, choose a custom color, and basically, customize the player to your specific needs, all within new intuitive UI for player customization.

So, who is this for?

But, who can access the new dashboard? Everybody and their grandma! At the moment, we’ve given everybody the chance to choose between the old and the new dashboard. Just some time to explore, and get the hang of where everything is and how everything works. But, be careful, this is just temporary, because we will be transferring all accounts to the new dashboard after some while - so our suggestion is to start getting used to it. We’re positive you will forget the old dash even existed!

Okay, but what’s that gonna cost you?

Our Pricing will remain the same, as you already know, we have three plans you can choose from: Free, Premium, and Business, ranging from completely free, but limited to $90 but with all of the power Publitio has to offer. The choice is yours. And of course, our paid plans have pay-as-you go model enabled - if you need more storage or bandwidth than included in your plan, pay-as-you-go usage allows you additional capacity and you only pay for what you have used during that billing period.

Wow, that’s something!

There is no doubt that we at Publitio are fully committed to bringing our users the best UX possible. And those of you who have been one of our first users can attest to that. There have been many iterations, but this is our biggest one yet, and we’re very proud of our team that worked very hard. So, tell us, which feature would you like to see next?