Image Management

Automate your image-processing pipeline

Upload, store, manipulate, optimize and deliver your images no matter where you are.

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Advantages of Publitio image storage

Ordinary image hosting websites only allow you to upload and store your images. Publitio helps you get the
most out of them.

  • Lets you upload and store many types of image formats

  • Gives you shareable links for easy distribution

  • Offers automatic backup

  • Allows you to change, edit, resize & optimize all the uploaded files

Cloud based video hosting platform

Never lose quality

Publitio is powerful enough to maintain the quality of images for some modest resizes. Plus, it’s easy to use it and retain quality. Just like with any other tool for resizing and editing images, if you take a larger file and make it smaller, you won’t lose any visible quality.

Best mobile performance

Your images need to be vieable across as many devices as possible, and mobile-friendly websites rank better in search engines! Publitio can help you deliver optimized images for all screens. Make sure to use all the benefits it provides

Protect your property

Thanks to Publitio, you are able to experience hassle-free image protection. Simply watermark your image by adding “wm” to the URL of your file.

Super Fast Image Delivery

accross the Globe

Publitio has deployed servers in 6 data centers: United States, Europe and Asia. Based on geolocation rules, wherever you are you’ll be connected to the nearest data center.

That’s how the maximum performance of Publitio is constantly assured.

Publitio adapts to your needs!

Work Faster

Upload your photos, graphics, images and visual files in one centralized place. Access them anytime you want and from anywhere. Share with your teammates and work faster and easier via collaboration and communication established in just a few clicks.

Get Organized

Publitio is a lot more than a simple image library, or cataloging tool allowing you to categorize your assets and keep them in one place. It also allows you to manage your files and take full control of your images.

Start Formatting

Publitio allows you to upload files in their original format and then just hover over them to modify - you can change different parameters in the URL, including the file format. Create new versions of your file in a matter of seconds!

Be Flexible

Add important data such as public ID, title, description, tags and watermark in a matter of clicks. Make changes on the fly and modify your images for different purposes and achieve the best results


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Image Management FAQ

Our article about Publitio image management wouldn’t be complete without going through some of the questions people usually have.

Will image management improve website performance?

Image management platform allows you to optimize your image, change their formats and improve the speed of your site. By changing jpg or png images to WEBP images, they will only lose 5% of their quality, but their size could be reduced up to 11 times.

If I resize an image, will it lose quality?

As you can see from the answer to the previous question, with Publitio you can resize your image with minimal loss in quality.

How can I keep my images safe from stealing?

With Publitio your images are safe and secure. You can limit access to your files and easily control who can see them or what changes have been made. To prevent others from copying or using your images without permission, you can also add watermarks.

Where can I host photos for free?

Publitio Starting pricing plan provides free image hosting. With it, you’ll get 10 GB storage space and some other basic features. However, for more, you can easily upgrade to a larger plan.

How to put a watermark on an image?

Watermarks are a great way of protecting your intellectual property. They come on top of your image files as small images or logos. First of all, create a watermark from the Publitio dashboard. Enter a unique name (ID) and choose the desired position of your watermark. Afterward, you can add a watermark to your image via URL-based API or add it while uploading the image.