Video Processing

Make sure your videos are always compatible

Do you have a video with a format that your device cannot reproduce? Or you want to upload your video but the website or social platform requires a different video format? Maybe you want to send your video via email but its size exceeds the attachment size limit? Or do you just want to convert your video for faster uploading to a website?

Publitio has an easy solution for all of that!

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The Fastest Way to Transform your Videos

Publitio offers two different, super fast, ways to transform your videos. Use the one that fits your needs better!

Via Publitio Dashboard


Convert your video in a few easy steps

Navigate to your Publitio dashboard, and start convertign your video in 4 easy steps!

  1. Upload your files

  2. Head to the “Versions” page

  3. Select the video & click the New Version (+) button

  4. Convert!

Harness the power of URL-based-transformations!

Let's make transforming your videos super-duper easy

Digital Asset Management Software

Another method of achieving this is through URL-based transformations. Publitio offers a URL-based form of API which enables all file transformations to be done through the browser, by simply changing parameters in the file URL. You can use it to transcode your files between formats, for resizing, cropping, watermarking, trimming and/or quality adjustment.

Compress large files,
without sacrificing quality

With Publitio, whether you choose to use the dashboard or URL-based-transformations, you will convert your videos in no time!

And don't worry, Publitio will make sure to retain the best possible file quality!


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What is video conversion?

Video conversion is the process of converting a video into another format and changing its resolution, aspect ratio, codecs etc. Video conversion also compresses the size of a video so it can be easily uploaded, streamed, shared and/or played.

What are the main features of a video converter?

The main features of a video converter are:

  • Changing the output format (mp4, ogv, webm...)
  • Resizing, cropping and adjusting the quality of the video
  • Trimming and watermarking the video
  • Compressing the video’s size to enable uploading and sharing and speed up loading times

Can I convert a video to an audio file?

Yes. Publitio’s video converter supports video to audio conversion into mp3, wav and ogg audio formats. Other conversions include: audio to video, audio to image, video to image and many more and can be performed interchangeably.

Who should use Publitio’s video hosting solution?

Anyone in need of file hosting and storage. Starter plan is free and includes 10GB of storage and an unlimited number of file transformations on the fly. If you are not a user already, we recommend creating a Publitio account here. It is free and you can upgrade to another plan anytime you want!