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US$ 29.00

billed monthly

or US$18.85 if billed annually

US$ 18.85

per month, billed annualy (save 35%)

or US$29.00 if billed monhly

50 GB storage space

200 GB monthly bandwidth

5 Players

5 Ad tags

5 Watermarks

HLS video encryption



US$ 79.00

billed monthly

or US$51.35 if billed annually

US$ 51.35

per month, billed annually (save 35%)

or US$79.00 if billed monthly

100 GB storage space

500 GB monthly bandwidth

10 Players

10 Ad tags

10 Watermarks

1 Custom CNAME

Domain Level protection

HLS video encryption



US$ 149.00

billed monthly

or US$96.85 if billed annually

US$ 96.85

per month, billed annually (save 35%)

or US$149.00 if billed monthly

250 GB storage space

1000 GB monthly bandwidth



UNLIMITED Watermarks

5 Custom CNAME's

Domain Level protection

HLS video encryption

Priority support


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"An essential service for all serious online education platforms, recommend it and love it"

Ludovic Samuel Clain

User review

"One of the greatest video hosting platforms, I love all the features especially that various sizes available automatically."

Antony Raj


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Pricing plans FAQ

How do I upgrade my current Publitio plan?

After you log in to your Publitio account, navigate to the Billing section. There is an option 'Change Subscription Plan', from where you can upgrade or downgrade your current subscription.

What do I get with a free plan?

With Publitio's free (Starter) plan, you will get a Digital Asset Management solution that comes with basic functionalities such as storage but you will also get loads of free DAM features. In details you will get: 5GB storage space and 10GB bandwidth/month

Which plan includes HLS video encryption & streaming?

Any paid plan includes HLS video encryption & streaming. In the era of cybersecurity importance, HLS video encryption & streaming is one of the most popular features we currently offer.

What if I exceed my plan's quota?

Once you hit the limit of your selected Publitio plan, we will stop the delivery of the content in order to protect you from unpredicted expenses. We will of course notify you when you are close to the limit so that you can plan your spendings accordingly.

What if I need more storage and/or bandwidth?

Simplest way is to upgrade to larger plan with bigger quota. If you have reached limits of an Professional plan, contact us and we can enable additional Per-Usage option for you.

What Publitio Pricing Plans are available?

Publitio has 3 different pricing plans: Developer, Hacker and Professional. The plans have different number of solutions and different storage space, bandwidth, watermarks, players and ad tags. You can find the monthly prices for all plans on our Pricing page and choose the best one for you, your website, company, personal use… The price is very affordable and the service is outstanding! If the pricing plans we offer do not satisfy your needs or you are somewhere in between, have in mind that you can always get additional bandwidth for a great price!

Do you offer Annual Plans?

Yes, you can purchase the Annual Plan for any of 3 plans Publitio has and save 35% of the money it would take to pay monthly for 12 months! You will not regret it and your wallet will thank you! The annual plan obliges you to stay on our platform for 12 months and pay less money, due to you being a loyal customer!

Do you offer custom enterprise plan?

Yes, please contact us via Support for custom enterprise plan option

How do I ask for a refund?

We can give a refund to customers that are not satisfied with our products. Since our refund policy is 15 days, make sure that you reach out to us for a refund before this time expires.

Where can I change my credit card or billing info?

Login to the Publitio account and navigate to the 'Billing' section. Here you can enter your preferred credit card, and change the billing information presented on your invoice.

How do I cancel my Publitio subscription?

To cancel a paid subscription, simply downgrade your current plan to a free one. To permanently delete your account, check out the settings page for more detail.

DAM Pricing?

There is no universal cost for digital asset management, but the price might vary in range from free to hundreds of dollars. It very much depends on the specific services you need and the amount of storage you plan to use. Do your research and analyse your needs! The DAM pricing also might depend on the number of features offered, the quality of the service, accessibility, customer support etc.

Image and Video Hosting Costs?

Although there are many good image and video hosting platforms, there is one big flaw appearing in all of them and that is privacy. It is extremely easy for anyone to download a video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook etc. On the other side, there are plenty of other platforms that are way too expensive and set an unrealistic price for the solutions they offer. Publitio has totally affordable monthly or annual plans, many different solutions and features with the accent on DAM and Image and Video Hosting. The best thing is that if you do not have any bandwidth left, you have the option to expand the amount of data transfer for a fair price!

Why is Publitio the Best Cloudinary Alternative?

Among many other Cloudinary alternatives, with Publitio you will get the best value for your money! Your assets will be secured and available to you on any device any time. The difference between Cloudinary and Publitio is the advantages and the quality of some of the features Publitio has. Apart from both Cloudinary and Publitio having amazing services in DAM, MAM, HLS, file manipulation, storage and delivery, there are some flaws to Cloudinary that many customers complain about. Publitio is much simpler to use, offers the free account version, has customer support and watermarks for all types of accounts, as well as on-the-fly transformations!

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