The best way to deliver
online video and images

Publitio fixes your problems with hosting, uploading, converting and protecting your media files with its simple, scalable & secure cloud-based storage with powerful, global CDN infrastructure. Publitio can meet your every demand, and provide blazingly fast images & video delivery!

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The best way to deliver online video and images

Simple. Secure. Superfast

Publitio simplifies the delivery of your media files while maintaining full functionality and security.
With Publitio, your entire end-to-end image & video process is taken care of, while giving you maximum control and flexibility over your media assets.


Upload your images, videos, audios & pdf files to Publitio via dashboard or API.


With URL-based Transformations you can do on-the-fly transcoding of videos, conversion to different formats, apply various transformations like resizing, cropping, watermarking, quality adjustment on both images & videos.


Make your file private, playable only on your domain, and turn on HLS video encryption, which prevents the download of your video.


Your files are ready to be viewed! No need to use programming languages, Publitio does all the work for you - and you can share via simple links or embed.

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Scalable & Cost-Effective

With Publitio, you can use as little or as much space you want, depending on your needs. Since everything is stored virtually, you can have endless amounts of storage space!

Best of all, you don't have to break the bank when using Publitio, our prices are transparent and increase or reduce, according to your usage.

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Secure & Always Available

Secure & Always Available

With Publitio, you can rest assured that your content is always protected with the latest security tools. Make your file private, playable only on your domain and prevent anyone from downloading it with a click of a button.

With Publitio's global infrastructure, your files will have blazingly fast load times & low latency for cached files: on average ~60ms/request. Our infrastucture was built to scale - it can handle millions of requests by design!

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Affordable & predictable pay-as-you-go pricing

With Publitio there are no hidden costs, and many of our extra features won't cost you a penny! Transcoding? A customizable player? Watermarking? All completely free! You only pay for what you spend in terms of bandwidth and storage space you occupy. Just focus on your buisiness and Publitio will handle all your image and video related needs!

only $19/month

Start your FREE 14 days trial and experience Publitio with fully-unlocked PREMIUM features:

  • 50 GB storage space

  • 100 GB monthly bandwidth

  • 5 Players

  • 5 Ad tags

  • 5 Watermarks

  • 1 Custom Subdomain

  • Domain Level protection

  • HLS video encryption

  • Detailed analytics

  • Priority support

  • Pay-as-you-go usage

CDN by default

CDN by default

Your files have never been closer to the user (data center locations).
With 6 data centers across the globe, your files will be delivered from the nearest location to the user. Plus points go to the website performance since CDN can positively influence page speed.

Infrastructure explained
Change file formats on the fly with URL-based transformations

Change file formats on the fly with URL-based transformations

Publitio offers a URL-based form of API through which you can do all file transformations by changing parameters in the file URL. You can use it to transcode your files between formats, for resizing, cropping, trimming, watermarking, and/or quality adjustment.

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Analytics to discover the  performance of your files

Analytics to discover the performance of your files

With the newest addition to the Publitio features, you will never be in the dark. The analytics are built to help our users understand how their files perform in terms of user engagement. With proper data analysis this feature can be quite a handy tool.

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Simple integration via REST API

Simple integration via REST API

Download SDK or CMS of your choice and upload, process, manage & publish videos, images & audios with one line of code.

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Customizable Video Player with  Monetization & advertising support

Customizable Video Player with Monetization & advertising support

Play your videos with fully cutomisable Publitio Video Player. It's super easy to monetize your videos with it, since the player supports VAST/IMA Ad Tags.

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HLS Video Streaming & Encryption

HLS Video Streaming & Encryption

Add an extra layer of protection for your videos with one of the best methods for securing your videos for online delivery.

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