WP Offload Media Solution

With the WP offload media plugin, you can seamlessly upload your existing media library. You can even offload your media files in the background while doing something else, and let the offload media system do its job. Bulk offloading media is also possible.

Besides, the plugin allows you to have full control over your files from the cloud throughout the media library. You can even control privacy settings without leaving your media library and decide who can save or download your media files.

One of the biggest advantages of the WP Offload Media solution is the possibility of reducing server storage space. Once you offload your files to the Publitio Media Assets Management system, you can remove the files from the server and free up storage space.

Keep in mind that image and video quality for offloaded files is set up by default. You can choose different values. For example, each offloaded video is transcoded to 480p format, while you can choose from the following video quality formats: 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Of course, the larger the format, the larger the video size, and it will take more time to transcode it.

Last but not least. With the Sync Now option, the plugin will automatically upload media from posts during editing and rendering. By clicking this button, you can sync the entire media library. However, keep in mind that large media libraries can take time to upload to Publitio, so be patient.

WP Offload Media Solution

WP Offload Media Benefits

With WP offload media plugin, you can easily improve your website speed and offload all heavy media work, like video transcoding, streaming, etc. These are just some of the many benefits this plugin brings with itself, which leads us to the following question:

Why is WP offload media important?

In simple terms, offloading your media to Publitio has many benefits. Above all, backups are one of them. When you are offloading media to Publitio, you are actually creating a backup of your WP media library. So, WP offload media plugin takes care of your files by preventing data loss.

How to offload media can speed up your website

Delivering media and site assets from Publitio and not your server results with a faster page load. That’s because Publitio CDN will deliver assets from the nearest location and not the location of your server. A faster page load also means better user-experience and potentially higher rankings on the Google SERP, since the website speed is one of the most important SEO ranking factors.

WP Offload Media Benefits

How does Publitio WP offload media work?

Thanks to the WP offload media plugin, you can easily have an efficient WordPress media library by offloading your media. Before we start explaining how to offload your media, first, let’s see how to download and install the plugin.

You can download Publitio WP offload media plugin directly or install it from the Plugins page of your WP Dashboard. Don’t forget to activate the plugin once it’s installed.

For WP Offload Media Integration and to offload WordPress images, videos and more, you have to set up the plugin by entering Publitio API Key & API Secret. Then you’ll be able to customize the plugin’s settings.

There are different Publitio WP offload media features and options. For instance, you can allow visitors of your website to save or download media files from your website. Not all the files have to be offloaded, you get to choose which ones you want to offload from WordPress Media Library to Publitio.

For better structure and organization, you can also set your upload folder for offloaded files. By default, they are uploaded to the /root folder of your Publitio account. Besides, all offloaded media files are served via Publitio URLs. If you are on a paid Publitio plan, you can set custom CNAMEs

How does Publitio WP offload media work

Pricing for WP Offload Media

We have already explained how to download and use the plugin. Also, one of the frequently asked questions is if Publitio offloading plugin is free.

You should know that the answer is yes, it is a free wp offload media plugin. However, you need to have a Publitio account to obtain API keys.

There are different Publitio pricing plans. The free one comes with limited features, but you can start for free and upgrade to a larger plan if needed.

Pricing for WP Offload Media

Why Choose Publitio Offload Media Plugin?

Finally, let’s see why to choose this plugin over some others that you can find. The question now is: WP Offload Media Lite vs. Publitio Offload Media, or maybe, WP Offload Media Nulled vs. Publitio Offload Media plugin? Which one to choose? And why choose Publitio offload media plugin?

WP Offload Media Lite and WP Offload Media Nulled are also created to offload files from the media library of your website. However, they copy and store these files to cloud-management systems, such as Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces and Google Cloud Storage and then they serve your files from that same storage provider or the CDN of your choice.

On the other hand, Publitio works at the same time as cloud-based storage, media assets management system that allows you to optimize your files, and Content Delivery Network that serves your images, videos and media assets from closest data center based on your geolocation. In other words, with Publitio, you can have it all.

With Publitio you can control when, where and how all your digital assets are used or shared with others.

So have you decided yet? Start your free plan with Publitio offload media plugin.

Why Choose Publitio Offload Media Plugin

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