Digital Asset Management

All your media assets in one place

Publitio’s Digital Asset Management Software allows you to store, easily manage, share and organize all your assets in one place. In this digital age we live in, such a tool is indispensable across various industries.

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Who is Digital Asset Management for?

Are you constantly working with digital content? Do you need to keep your website up-to-date automatically? Do you need to easily share your assets? Do you need to organize and catalog your assets and have them readily accessible at all times? In that case, Digital Asset management is for you!

Media Asset Management System at a glance

Digital Asset Management also has many other benefits:

  • Your digital assets are organized and stored in one place
  • Every day work is automated
  • All the files are easily accessible and can be located quickly
  • DAM software allows you to automate the watermarking of pictures
  • You can check the version history and track all the changes
  • You can save space by storing all your important files in the cloud
Media Asset Management solutions

From asset creation to the
final product in no time

Today, digital asset management platforms are more dynamic allowing you to publish your assets to websites or mobile apps, taking you from step one to the final step in a blink of an eye. And by using the Publitio Digital Asset management system, you can easily access and share your files without any risk at all. Plus, you can easily control access and make sure that only those who you gave permission to can access the files. Try it now.

Easily manage your media assets

No risk

With the Publitio Digital Asset management system, you can easily access and share your files without any risk at all. Plus, you can easily control access and make sure that only those who you gave permission to can access the files.


Digital Asset Management is important for your business because it simplifies your workflows, saves you time, money and energy. What’s more, automation is a way to avoid mistakes and increase productivity.

Accessibility, Security, Organization

If you need to share your digital assets with both internal or external teams, but anytime/anywhere access is not possible; if you are worried about the security of your files; if you find it hard to organize your assets and it takes you a lot of time to finally come across the file you’ve been looking for, then it’s time to invest in DAM software.

Simple. Secure. Superfast

Domain level protection

Add an extra layer of protection for your files making sure they can be viewed only on domain names (sites) you've chosen.

HLS video encryption

With HLS video encryption you're able to secure your streaming videos even better, and make it extra-hard for the end visitrs to save your video to their device.

Detailed Analytics

Analytics gives you a chance to see which content your customers like the most. You can focus on the most-viewed files and pages and provide more of them. Additionally, find out about the least-viewed content and work on ways to improve it.

Amazing Support

Publitio provides a top-of-the-line support system - our support team is known for their speed, pleasantness and knowlegde. Stuck with a problem? Just contact our support team!

Pay-as-you-go usage

If you need more storage or bandwidth then included in your plan, pay-as-you-go usage allows you additional capacity and you only pay for what you have used during that billing period.


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Digital Asset Management FAQ

Who uses digital asset management software?

Some users are more obvious than others. For instance, the DAM system is commonly used as file storage for marketing campaigns, but because of its numerous benefits, it can be used for almost any industry. In other words, if there are digital assets to be stored, organized, shared and distributed, DAM software is a must.

Why use a digital asset management system?

A Digital Asset Management system is user and business-friendly in a measure that every company can benefit from using it. In the ever-growing digital universe, an efficient organization plays a pivotal role in accomplishing all the tasks.

How much does a digital asset management system cost?

At Publitio you can find different pricing plans. Starter, which is free, and then you can subscribe to a larger plan when needed. The monthly price depends on the feature-packed system you choose. For more information on our subscription plans, check out our pricing page.

How does a digital asset management system work?

In the simplest form, a Digital Asset Management system works as a secure repository for all your digital assets. It facilitates the creation, production and distribution of your files.

What is DAM SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, while DAM SaaS is a subscription-based DAM software hosted by a third-party vendor that you can access via the internet. Publitio is a good example of a SaaS DAM vendor offering different plans to meet your expectations.

How can DAM improve my business growth?

More content and files bring more challenges. Ordinary file storage tools may represent a temporary solution, but only the DAM system can save time, increase productivity, and assure security for your treasured digital assets.