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Hi, I just signed up. I am trying to integrate Publitio as a media asset manager (MAM) system for an app I am currently working on. I intended to display a list of all of the videos hosted on my Publitio account with titles as well as each video duration. I would like to know how I can query my media library for my hosted video information. please help or point to a document detailing how I can do this.

BY Eric Ogie 0 1
Jun 22, 2020

For library query (search) use LIST FILES CALL : and tags query param

FYI – perhaps during development, a hidden/unaccessable folder called 'testing01' was created that doesn't show up when listing/tree of folders, however causes a bug if trying to create a folder with that name.

Trying to create such a folder returns the following error:
"The folder with name 'testing01' in this path already exists. Choose another name."

BY ffd8 0 2
api folder testing01 bug
Jun 26, 2020

Thanks for the link to this article. Aha, that was one suspicion as I tried making another root level folder and kept failing. Would be interesting to know why it's implemented this way.. but I'm guessing for simplicity on your end where storing all files. Seems like prefixing the account id to each root folder could avoid the issue... Will use more characters when making folder names.

Really enjoying your whole setup and API, but ran into a strange issue... when grabbing my list of images via API, the `url_thumbnail` is always in landscape format (300x200) – shouldn't this be based on the orientation? ie. landscape » 300x200, portrait » 200x300, square: 300x300? (or even better if those general sizes were specific to the aspect ratio of the image). Slowly learning about creating/uploading images, where of course I can customize an available version... just thought it could be helpful to implement as default.

BY ffd8 0 3
api image thumbnail version orientation aspect ratio
Jul 01, 2020

Thanks for sharing this information

So in publitio the video runs fine but in learn dash/WordPress it says

processing try again later... also what are all the different versions for? Can I delete some of them?

BY cheri toftdahl 0 1
Jun 22, 2020

please read

on first visit (video play) we create versions (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p video formats)

best not to delete them, as you will see that Processing Video message again, when that video format is requested again

3 months ago Photo caption

Hi! How to add a caption for a photo when adding a file with Publitio plugin (not offloading)?

BY Aiopress 0 3
Jun 22, 2020

I can not find any option for that. There is only one option to put CSS for Publitio block as in this screenshot:

I wanted to start an online course. Can we protect the video from being downloaded?

BY edy wihardja 0 1

When I use an iframe without selecting a player, then the video plays no problem. It has been uploaded for a month or two now.

When I select a player, then I get the error:
Processing Video... Please wait and try again later

BY Brian Diez 0 2
video player error Processing Please wait and try again later
4 months ago folder names

Hello, I see that when I try to create a folder called vids, that an error message says it already exists, so are folder names and players NOT unique to my account?, unless I choose private files,

BY Ian White 0 3
4 months ago My account detail

My account detail


Does Publitio plan to update the wordpress plugin anytime soon? The current version is not compatible with the newest version.

BY Rick Reese 0 2
Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes
Jun 17, 2020

I've been using it just fine. What appears to be the problem?