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When I use an iframe without selecting a player, then the video plays no problem. It has been uploaded for a month or two now.

When I select a player, then I get the error:
Processing Video... Please wait and try again later

BY Brian Diez 0 2
video player error Processing Please wait and try again later
1 month ago folder names

Hello, I see that when I try to create a folder called vids, that an error message says it already exists, so are folder names and players NOT unique to my account?, unless I choose private files,

BY Ian White 0 3

My account detail


Does Publitio plan to update the wordpress plugin anytime soon? The current version is not compatible with the newest version.

BY Rick Reese 0 2
Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes
Jun 17, 2020

I've been using it just fine. What appears to be the problem?

I am new to Publitio. Thank you for this amazing service. I am on the basic free plan now, very soon I may upgrade to a bigger plan.

Meanwhile, I faced an issue with the 1 player that I am eligible to use in my basic plan. I explained in detail the issue that I am facing in this video link. Please have a look and help me resolve the issue.

BY Zaid Sarhan 0 0

I am really amazed by the lack of concern regarding this issue that I have experienced from the beginning.
This is not my site - this is a course I signed up for, and seeing this I knew exactly the wonderful service that has failed to address this in months.

So, my question is this - Will this ever be addressed? or should I set aside my expectations I had for this service and just move on?

And please don't tell me this is bad user setup

BY Alauddin 0 2
Apr 29, 2020

The video did play on refresh of the page, so sounds like the issue is the 'streaming could take couple of seconds'.

It was definitely not a 'conversion' in progress as the course is months old (again, not my video or course)

Here are a couple of suggestions and or feedback, as I do want you guys to succeed.
I think you have most of what is needed, but the bad end user experience makes it all for nothing.

>>>>> super important <<<<<
I don't want to look bad in front of my visitors with a crazy error message like that and why I hesitate to put a file from this platform on say my sales page.

Imagine paying $ to drive traffic and having this as the first user experience.
No way, any business owner will want to use such service.

1) Maybe you need a 1-2 sec pre-loader to make it a better end user experience?
Remember, if you make the business owner look bad then you are not going to get monthly paying customers.
So, whatever resource you have I would apply to this aspect first.
Not sure what the technical challenges are but I think a preloader will stop or reduce these first visit or load errors.

2) From account admin side, my biggest issue is the URL selection option in the admin area. />
I am going to copy that link that you give me here and embed - ONE link, done.
It makes no sense for me to have 5 links - maybe for exceptional use case where I have 5 different pages needing different quality.

The way I look at it, you are providing so much flexibility with option to encode h_480 or h_720 etc that every time I log in to the platform say in 2-3 weeks time I have to re-learn the platform and spend time again in your help section....a complete waste of my time.

Give me one LINK - figure out the best format that make makes sense. That's what all the other platform do.
Really, go check out you know whooo.

I hope you find this feedback helpful!


I have created a new version in Publitio for an image. In general, what is the practice to use the new version in WP?
How do i let WP knows that i want to use the new version with resize image?


BY Yuchuan 0 0
wordpress resize version

I have the Free plan and I have two videos right now to upload. I notice that the Free plan only allows one player. Can I use the one player to embed both of these videos?

BY Joe DuBose 0 4
video player players several
Elton Moore
Elton Moore
Apr 26, 2020

Hi - O built my player but how do i get the html code to embed it? I can find the code embed anywhere

3 months ago Unauthorized


my embedded videos on wordpress are showing "Unauthorized" and are I cannot play them.

why is that??

BY Tarek Moussally 0 1
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Apr 14, 2020

Hi I wrote in depth explanation but for some reason I don't see answer, answer is that your files are private and such they have access token needed to open them. That token expires after 24h and you can't access file.
That is security measure to protect videos from being streamed and shared around.
Fastest solution is to switch file to Public and enable domain level protection.
This way files will be visible only via your domain and they can be public as even if anyone has a link can't open it.

Is there a recommended ad server that will work with the player?

BY Michael Minkoff 0 2
ad vast advertisement
Nemanja Divjak
Nemanja Divjak
Apr 14, 2020

I can only advise to try google ads manager that they provide.
We tested with it and it works.