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Powerful Features

Media Asset Management System at a glance

Master your media

Explore our new beautifully-designed Dashboard for Media Assets Management. Designed to make you the most productive media asset manager in the galaxy. Anything image & video related covered: from uploading, processing/encoding, player & embedding, to fast streaming & cdn delivery.

secure your content

Secure your media assets

Sleep tight knowing that your content is safe from all of the internet downloaders and plugins.

Enhanced HLS video encryption makes it impossible to steal or share your media.

DRM video protection * further secures your video content against screen capture.

Get specific about who can access your content with Domain Level Protection, Password Secured Files, Private Access Tokens and more.

Publitio Video Player

Customisable Video Player

Publitio comes with fully Cutomisable Video Player. Add speed control, disable or enable the control bar, loop your video, choose a custom color, add captions/subtitles and basically, customize the player to your specific needs, all within new intuitive UI for player customization.

URL-based Transformations

Transform images & videos on the fly

Publitio has a URL-based API that allows you to dynamically crop, resize, and scale your media files on the fly.

This URL-based modification can even convert files to different formats, turning images into videos and vice versa! Our API uses modern CUDA and GPU acceleration for blazingly fast conversions.

Best of all, everything is happeing on the fly - directly within your browser, just by modifying media URL

Publitio CDN

Built-in Content Delivery Network

Publitio also has a Built-in CDN to deliver your media even faster.

Our world wide distributed servers will speed up the loading time of your websites and this is not the only benefit of CDN.

Our infrastructure is ready for high traffic demands - and whether you have small website or media savvy app - we will meet your demand.

Play stats

Get insight into your content

Analyze your content performance in a mouse-click and find out which assets need improvement.

Access detailed video play statistics (like watched time & percentage) to understand how your media is performing at any given moment.

Increase your website engagement and create better content strategies.

Multiple accounts

Easily collaborate with multiple teams

Create your own, unique sub-domain like for your team.

Collaborate with your entire team in one place with ease.

Organize your assets, manage billing, assign roles and grant access levels for all of your team members.

Publitio SDK

Simple integration

Simply integrate Publitio with your Wordpress website using one of our plugins.

Use our SDKs for easier integration with programming language of your choice. Check out how easy it is.

Or directly use our API for integration.

All your media in one place!

Publitio’s Media Asset Management helps you easily organize and manage your website’s media assets by
offering reliable and long-term storage for large numbers of files. MAM makes it possible to store, access,
edit and share your rich media library. It is the warehouse for your files, including images, video, and
multimedia files.





Secure. Superfast. Reliable. Affordable.

Exceptional Privacy

With our Ehnanced HLS video encryption you're able to secure your streaming videos even better, and make it extra-hard for the end visitors to save your video to their device. DRM* feature prevents screen capture devices even further, while Domain Level Protection makes your media assets playable only on your sites.

GPU accelerated encoding & conversion

Encode your videos in a breeze with GPU hardware accelerated video conversion i.e transcoding feature : allowing up to 10x faster video processing times! Publitio works as an online video converter that allows you to easily convert video files between multiple formats. You can convert your video file to any audio, but also image and audio file.

Amazing Support

Publitio provides a top-of-the-line support system - our support team is known for their speed, pleasantness and knowlegde. Stuck with a problem? Just contact our support team!

Superior Pricing

Publitio offers affordable plans starting with a monthly flat fee of just 9$, and a simple pay-as-you-go billing if you need even more storage and bandwidth! No hidden fees, no extra charges - only transparent expenditure and billing.

Additional Business Only Features

15GB file size

5GB just isn't cutting it? Our Business users are able to upload up to 15GB per file.

Account manager

With our Business plan you also get your own account manager, one single point of contact to help you with all your account needs.

Backup to S3

Automatic backup of all of your data to Amazon S3. No longer want to use Publitio? That's cool, all your content is still in the cloud.

2K/4K Video

From now on, all your videos will be crystal clear! Publitio Business offers video quality up to 4K for the best video watching experience.

Why is Publitio superior?

Global infrastructure 8 data centers

Blazingly fast load times

Low latency - ~60ms/request

Able to handle millions of requests

Ready for high traffic demands

What our customers say?

Save big this Black Friday

Offer expires in:


For which accounts is this promotion available?

This promotion is intended for new (free) accounts, but certain upgrades are possible. If your account is not eligible for the promotion you will get "Sorry, your account can't be upgraded to this plan" message when trying to buy a plan.

What is a Publitio Lifetime plan?

We decided to give our users what they asked for - an affordable plans that they can purchase with a PayPal account or Credit Card. It’s a lifetime plan offering for onetime payment, that has limited storage and bandwidth (no pay-as-you-go usage), but also a plan you can stack up to 10 times. Keep in mind, this plan is available only for our registered Free users and for existing Lifetime customers.

How to activate my LIFETIME plan?

Your license (coupon) code is available in invoice we sent to your email (check spam folder). Next step is to Create Account on Publitio. After that go to Billing Page and enter your license (coupone) code you received via invoice under the "Coupon code" field and click on "Reedem Coupon" button

What if I need more storage or bandwidth?

If you need more storage or bandwidth you can stack up to 10 codes per account, and if you still need more storage you can always upgrade your account to our regular monhly subscription plans with pay-as-you-go pricing model. You will get to keep the storage that you bought, and if you go over we will charge you for additional bandwidth or storage. For more info about the pay-as-you-go model and price, you can contact our support via a ticket.

Can I stack more then one license (coupon) codes?

Yes, at this moment you can stack up to 10 coupon codes onto the account (10x capacity). Reedem each coupon code on billing page, one by one.

What else do I get with the Premium Lifetime plan?

Along with 50GB storage space and 100GB monthly bandwidth, you also get:
5 Players
5 Ad tags
5 Watermarks
1 Custom Subdomain
Domain Level protection
HLS video encryption
Detailed analytics
Priority support

If you stack more codes, everything multiplies with the number of codes you bought.

What else do I get with the Business Lifetime plan?

In addition to 500GB storage and 1000GB monthly bandwidth you will be getting:
20 customizable players
20 ad tags
20 watermarks
5 custom CNAMEs
and most importantly - Domain Level Protection, Enhanced HLS encryption, Detailed Analytics, Password Protected Content, Player Statistics, Backup to S3 and Priority & Technical Support.

How to activate my PREMIUM or BUSINESS monthly 50% off plan?

Your account will be auto-upgraded to PREMIUM or BUSINESS (-50% off) Plan. Allow few minutes for changes to propagate on all servers. To see and confirm your plan go to Billing Page.

What is Pay-as-you-go usage for storage and bandwidth?

Pay-as-you-go Usage allows unlimited capacity in terms of storage space and bandwith. PREMIUM Plan includes 50GB storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth in regular price ($4.50/month), and if you ever go over that limit, you will be billed extra based on excess usage (above included limit). BUSINESS Plan includes 500GB storage and 1000GB monthly bandwidth in regular price ($45/month), and if you ever go over that limit, you will be billed extra based on excess usage (above included limit).

What else do I get with the Premium (50% off) plan?

In addition to 50GB storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth you will be getting 5 customizable players, 5 ad tags, 5 watermarks, 1 custom CNAME, and most importantly - Domain Level Protection, Enhanced HLS encryption, Detailed Analytics and Priority Support.

What else do I get with the Business (50% off) plan?

In addition to 500GB storage and 1000GB monthly bandwidth you will be getting 20 customizable players, 20 ad tags, 20 watermarks, 5 custom CNAME, and most importantly - Domain Level Protection, Enhanced HLS encryption, Detailed Analytics, Password Protected Content, Player Statistics, Backup to S3 and Priority & Technical Support.

What if I have Lifetime Publitio account?

Your stacked capacity will be included in PREMIUM or BUSINESS plan and you will gain extra capacity. For example, Lifetime Hacker plan with 100GB storage and 500GB bandwidth after subscription to PREMIUM plan will include 150GB storage and 600GB bandwidth for $4.50/month and if you ever go over that limit, you will be billed extra only based on excess usage (above included limit). In case of buying of LTD Premium or LTD Business capacity will also be added to existing plan (max 10x stacks)

Can I refund my order?

Yes, we offer 14 days refund (except for Premium 50%, since amount of initial order is low $4.50/month, but you can cancel subscripon at any time if you want at Billing Page)

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will be downgraded to FREE plan and will lose access to this specialy discounted PREMIUM or BUSINESS plan. You can start new subscription later anytime you want, but at regular price.

I have a Lifetime Publitio account, what happens if I cancel my Premium or Business (-50% off) plan?

You will be downgraded to your regular LTD plan, depending on what you have bought previously.

Can I play via PayPal?

LTD plans can be payed via PayPal.

Any questions?

Just drop us an email at or contact us via support chat/ticket on site