We have some real exciting news. Publitio has just introduced long awaited GPU hardware accelerated video conversion i.e transcoding feature : allowing up to 10x faster video processing times! You heard that right - GPU video conversion means much less time waiting for video processing to complete, and more time embedding, delivering and analyzing your videos!

What is GPU video conversion?

GPU encoding allows the video conversion and transcoding sofrtware like FFMPEG (that Publitio use) to use new NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD® and Intel® Core™ technologies to convert any video in all popular formats up to 10x times faster. The processing demands from high quality video applications have pushed limits for broadcast and telecommunication networks. Consumer behavior has evolved, evident in the trends of OTT video subscription and the rapid uptake of live streaming. All social media applications now include the feature on their respective platforms. This makes video conversion i.e transcoding a critical piece of an efficient video pipeline. The massive video content generated on all fronts requires robust hardware acceleration of video encoding, decoding, and transcoding.

GPU hardware acceleration


Convert videos 10x faster with GPU!

Speed up video conversion. Regular mp4 videos used to take 52 seconds to convert, but with GPU powered video conversion that time is only 5 seconds - 10x faster! HLS videos that took 90 seconds to convert/transcode, with the power of GPU processing - only takes 18 seconds that’s 5x faster!

Here is example ffmpeg command for regular CPU mp4 video conversion:

time ffmpeg -y -i input.mp4 output.mp4

resulting in following times:

real    0m52.678s
user    1m5.159s
sys    0m7.821s

while ffmpeg command with GPU conversion of same video:

time ffmpeg -hwaccel cuda -y -i input.mp4 output.mp4

results in 10x faster conversion times:

real    0m5.494s
user    0m8.659s
sys    0m3.670s

How to use GPU video conversion with Publitio

This feature is now available for all Publitio accounts, while Premium and legacy Professional plans will have priority in queue for videos processing (meaning your videos come first). Jump straight to Publitio Dashboard and start uploading your videos and see for yourself the power of fastest video processing available.