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Would like to know how long my files /videos will be saved ?

BY Veena 1221 1
Dec 23, 2021


As long as you have an active account.
If you reach the monthly limit for Bandwidth usage, Publitio will stop serving content for your account.

When your account is close to 80% of a limit you will receive an email notifying you that the account is close to the limit.

Are there any native metrics that come out of this system that allow us to calculate the percentage completion of a video, or time spent in a file or asset?

This would help us in calculating the percentage completion of a course our learners are doing.

BY Andrew Mowat 1060 1
lms course Metrics completion
Dec 10, 2021

Not yet, but will be added as an part of publitio player stats in the future.

We are having to move away from Vimeo after discovering that it is banned/restricted in Indonesia.

Are there any geographies where Publitio docs/videos cannot be served?


BY Andrew Mowat 1029 1
Geography Banned Sites Global delivery
Dec 10, 2021

Not that we are aware off. Some people reported issues with China Great Firewall, and some countries like Egypt have their own countries firewall in place. You can test different servers bellow : United States East(New York) data center United States West (Oregon) data center Europe East (Sweeden) data center Europe West (London) data center Asia East (Singapore) data center Asia West (India) data center

If server is accessible for specific country it will work for the end visitors also.

Hi, do I have to create videos with subtitles or does Publitio support SRT files?

BY Clarice Chan 1060 1
SRT subtitles
Dec 10, 2021

we will add subtitles support for the publitio player in next update

This bug is not fixed... this error continue... please verify urgent. Thanks

"success":false,"code":400,"error":"message":"Please include file or file_url in your request"

let formData = new FormData();
formData.append("file", file);

if (file == undefined)
console.log("Choose file to upload first");

const api_url = publitio.uploadUrlSigned();

.post(api_url, formData,
Accept: "application/json",
"Content-Type": "multipart/form-data",
onUploadProgress: function (progressEvent)
const valeur = Math.round((progressEvent.loaded / * 100);
console.log(valeur + "%");
.then(function (response)
if ( == true)
console.log("upload ok");
console.log("upload failed");


Originally posted by @ednsinf in #17 (comment)

BY Timofey Pchelintsev 1402 2
api upload error 400
Timofey Pchelintsev
Timofey Pchelintsev
Nov 08, 2021

It seems to work after removing "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data" header.

Its possible to do that :
Take action when the video is 100% viewed

for example execute javacript on the page.
It is to make a button visible only when the viode is seen at 100%

BY NEMEO 1419 1
Sep 22, 2021

Not yet, but we will see if possible to implement something like this in feature player updates

Hi there - The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute designed to ensure equal access to opportunities and benefits for qualified individuals with disabilities. In many state, government, and education institutions, videos must include ADA-compliant captions.

I'm hoping to continue to use as my CDN for all my files (video especially), but the lack of ability to upload caption files is making me use other video options (by law).

I know I could 'burn' the captions in, but because our videos need to be subtitled for multiple languages, that's not an efficient option.

Are there plans to incorporate a captioning file (SRT) option into the video feature? I don't need automatic captioning like Youtube or others, but I do need the ability to upload a previously created SRT and have it display in-video for my audiences. Hoping this is in the pipeline? Could you confirm? Thanks so much!

BY Lisa Ross 1285 1
video accessibility captions SRT subtitles
Clarice Chan
Clarice Chan
Nov 29, 2021

When can we expect the next player update? Like Lisa, we will like to use Publitio but the lack of SRT ability has caused us to consider other companies.

When I upload files I get an error message. Please see this short video that shows the problem:

I have tried on both Firefox and Chrome and still same problem.

BY René Andersen 1241 6
René Andersen
René Andersen
Sep 22, 2021

It looks like it is working now, and even better it updates the files without me pressing F5 to refresh the browser window.

Hi, I am developing a Flutter app and using Publit,io to host video files uploaded by users. I am currently following this post: <a href="</br" rel="nofollow" ></br</a>> Everything was working fine but now most videos are not accessible because the access token has been expired. I don't know how to generate a new Access Token for my Flutter App to access video contents. In the app, I simply use the download_url (provided after a successful upload) to get the video. Could you please provide the solution or some pointers for my use case? Thank You

BY Thinh Lu 1443 1
access token Flutter Invalid
Aug 30, 2021


if you set files to be private and use Iframe to copy-paste code, you will generate a token, and that token copied will expire in 24h.
I would suggest making the file Public and just enable domain-level protection, that way even if someone shares a link I can't open it as it's not coming from your website.
You can use plugin or sdk to retrieve fresh urls (with new access tokens)



2 years ago Porn and Adult

Hello, I want to upgrade my account. But I want to know, can I upload adult or porn video?
Is it allow?

BY Doe Doe 1315 1
Aug 30, 2021


Sorry but no. It is not allowed.