Fast & easy to use Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management System

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Fast & easy to use Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management System
Next layer of cloud storage

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An End-to-end Media Asset Management solution

Simple Uploading

Scalable Storage

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Image & Video API

Transcoding & Processing

Video & Image Back-End

On-the-fly Media Manipulation

Administration & Security


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TRUSTED BY 40,000+

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An End-to-end Media Asset Management solution

Don't reinvent the wheel & try to build an in-house media assets management solution. Let Publitio handles your image, video, audio & rich-media uploading, storage, processing & delivery via our global network of data servers.

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HLS Video Streaming, Encryption & Player

HLS video encryption adds an extra layer of protection when it is used for streaming videos, making it very difficult for end visitors to save the video to their device. It is one of the best methods for securing your videos for online delivery and is the perfect solution for site owners with protected (paid) video content (like online courses, classes, tutorials, etc.)

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URL-Based Transformations

Leverage power of Publitio URL-Based API that does on-the-fly resizing, cropping, transcoding & conversion between formats of your images videos & audio files

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Publitio Built-in Media Player

Built-in Media Player

Play your video & audio with Publitio Media Player and instantly publish them on any device.

Watermarking Enabled

Watermarking Enabled

With support for watermarking images & videos, seamlessly protect & copyright your media assets the way you want to.

Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Simple integration via REST API. Download SDK or CMS of your choice and upload, process, manage & publish videos, images & audios with one line of code.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Publitio infrastructure acts as CDN and is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design.

Save your time & focus on the core of your business

Publitio is:





Easy to use

High performaning
& compatibile

Simple collaboration

Time and money saver

Your dashboard at a glance

Get to know Publitio Dashboard - a powerful toolkit for media asset management in the cloud.

Publitio Dashboard - manage media assets

Manage Media Assets in the cloud

Awesome design, intuitive UI, a new & fast way to manage your images, videos, audios & other media assets. Publitio provides you with the information on how much storage space you have left, how much bandwidth have you used, bandwidth per day, etc.

Publitio Dashboard - upload images and videos

Upload images & videos with ease

Drag and drop, upload files faster, create folder structure and much more in a cool and detailed way with smooth UI and top-notch user experience.

Publitio Dashboard - media library

Simply edit, share & embed media

One-stop Media Library to organize images, videos, audio & pdf files. Simply upload, share, manipulate & embed your media, customize video players, apply watermarks, etc. all within the great Dashboard UI/UX.

Publitio Dashboard - download SDKs

SDK Support for Cloud Storage API

We have prepared SDK's for download that you can use for your project in order to upload, store, process and deliver content to final users. Wordpress plugins Publitio and Publitio Offloading are also available. We provide you with your API key, Secret key and Endpoints. These are in some ways like a username and a password that allows seamples integration of your app with Publitio REST API for images & videos management in the cloud.

Trusted by 40 000+
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"An essential service for all serious online education platforms, recommend it and love it"

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"One of the greatest video hosting platforms, I love all the features especially that various sizes available automatically."

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