So you decided to use Publitio but you are still struggling to understand how much Bandwidth is what and how much you can use before you get to the upper limit of your account. 

You asked us and we are here to explain it in a mathematical way.

For example, we will use Images and Videos

Images are usually up to 1mb in size and videos that are optimized and converted to HD 1080p are about 100mb for 5minute video.

This is our base and going further you will apply your own usage needs.

Hacker plan offers 500 GB of Bandwidth which is 500.000 Megabytes 

If you host Images you will be able to show images 500.000 times during one month and you can store up to 100.000 Images in your account.

If you host Videos you will be able to show 5.000 video views if it's size is 100mb, if you have smaller videos, for example, video background type that is up to 10mb you will be able to get 50.000 video views.

For most websites hosting images that have less than 500.000 visits a month Hacker plan will be more than enough. 

If you have Video course of 50 videos around 100 members will be able to view the complete video course. 

What happens if I go over the limit?

At this moment Publitio will stop serving your content and you would have to Upgrade to Pro plan, but in a very short future (we hope by end of November) we will release Per usage billing. 

You will decide if you want to enable it and if you do we will offer very fair pricing in the range of around 30$/1TB of Bandwidth, which means if you go over the limit, for example, 100GB you will pay 3$

We hope we explained it in details.