Companies are realizing better resource organization, quick turnaround times, return on investment, and water-tight security for their digital assets.  In this post, we look at the specific benefits of implementing digital asset management platforms in small businesses.

Ever wondered what a digital asset management (DAM) system can do for your small business? Well, since their inception DAM platforms are continually bringing about immense benefits to a wide variety of organizations.

Let’s get started.

Quickens business processes

Having a digital asset management system in place, allows your team to quickly exchange digital assets, besides enabling collaboration.  This brings about fast business growth as it eliminates the need for unnecessary consultations between team members to access resources. 

What is more, DAM systems enable quick access to digital assets thanks to their robust search functionality. Your sales and marketing representatives can quickly download a rich media presentation to enlighten a potential client about your products, which can easily convert them.

Not to forget is that current cloud-based DAM platforms such as are user-friendly. They incorporate graphical user interfaces that are easy to navigate, thus eliminate a steep learning curve. You can quickly understand their utilization off the bat.

Brings about organization

A digital asset management system puts all your digital assets in a central location under one unit, thus bringing about orderliness. Besides, each specific asset gets archived according to particular relationships to enable quick identification and retrieval. 

What is more, modern DAM systems incorporate metadata plans that allow robust search capabilities. Your team can quickly locate the required resources within minimal time. This makes your clients happy as they can access fast and efficient service. 

Workflow optimization

A cloud-based DAM system enables your employees to access the required resources at any time and from any physical location with an internet connection. For instance, your designers can easily retrieve digital assets and repurpose them. Similarly, your marketers can access the latest resources and material. 

Digital assets recycling

Recycling digital assets

With a DAM system, you can edit the contents of your digital assets and repurpose them to avoid the creation of new assets from scratch. This saves your business a lot of time, money, and labour. 

Saves your business money 

Rich media requires significant input in terms of cash and resources. However, with a DAM system in place, you don't have to start from scratch to develop new content. You can evaluate your existing portfolio and alter it the way you want. Thus, enables you to manage or cut business expenses. 

The system takes over the management of your digital assets. What could have required lots of human effort is automated. This reduces costs associated with salaries and remuneration. Moreover, cloud-based DAMs do not require extra expenditure on hardware, and they minimize potential errors that could cost your business money.

Digital assets antitheft protection

With the advent of cloud-based digital asset management systems, you no longer need to worry about the security of your vital digital resources.  With the right DMA platform, your assets can be protected from unwanted access through the use of high-security protocols. 

Service providers often utilize the latest technology, such as firewalls, to secure your digital assets, and end-to-end encryption to prevent the leaking of information while in transit.  Such protection shields your digital assets from cybercrimes such as hacking, cracking, and theft, which can ultimately cripple your business.

Secure storage for your digital assets

secure data storageA DAM platform provides you with a secure storage location for your resources. In case your digital assets overwhelm your current in-house DAM storage capacity, you can purchase a subscription from a cloud-based service provider that will accommodate your current needs.

A DAM's software also enables the detection of duplicate content, which eliminates redundancy. Thus, it improves the functionality and productivity of your business.

Provides access to the latest technology

As a small business owner, you might not be in a position to purchase premium DAM software to enable maximum security and performance. However, with a subscription to a cloud-based service provider, you can gain access to some of the best software in the market.

Improved oversight

As a business manager, using a DAM system can allow you to have control over how and when your assets should be utilized. These can help you in decision making and also in strategizing future marketing campaigns and the understanding of the market dynamics. 

You can also use this system to carry out experiments, such as split testing campaigns, to determine your business markets.

Scaling your business

A cloud-based digital asset management platform to be specific can help your business grow as it allows scalability.  As a small business, you can purchase the minimum packages to manage your digital assets. As your enterprise grows, you can switch to more suitable ones to measure up with demand. 

In doing so, your business can achieve tremendous growth without spending heavily on equipment and software, as it is the case with the traditional DAM system.

Prevents the misuse of digital assets

With the use of passwords or permissions, you can control access to your resources by providing each member of your organization with particular privileges and logins to access specific assets. This eliminates the inappropriate use of digital assets in your business.

Final word

A digital asset management system can go a long way in enabling your small businesses to thrive. Adopting reliable DAM software allows your business to store all digital assets in a secure central location, organize all your digital assets systematically, and improves your efficiency at large.

If you are looking for DAM system suitable for your business or have any questions contact us today. At we offer cloud-based DAM solutions.  By using our software, you cut down on time and costs, letting you focus on other crucial areas of your business.