Over the past month we have done some major SDK updates. We have added a Go SDK and updated the JS, PHP, Python and Wordpress SDK's. Here's a summary of changes.


Go is a quickly growing language from Google. It's a strongly opinionated language focused on parallelism and simplicity. We added a simple SDK for Go, and you can find it here.


The JS SDK has received major usability updates. The SDK now works both for Node and in the browser. Your error messages in the SDK should be more correct and concise, and a few minor quirks have been fixed (for example, when doing requests to a Publitio API URL, the leading slash is now optional). We've also added typescript annotations and inline documentation for all of the methods, so you should have a smoother experience working with the SDK in your development environment.


The PHP SDK has had a full rewrite, but we've kept the public interface almost exactly the same. One difference you will notice is that we now use Composer, and there is no longer a hard dependency on cURL - we're now using Guzzle instead. This means that the SDK will be a lot easier to use on Windows. We've also introduced a namespace for our SDK, and an autoloader, which means that the PublitioAPI class has now become \Publitio\API.

Python SDK

The Python SDK has only been updated with the new features we've added on our website. The SDK now supports folders and version reconversion.

Wordpress SDK

We've introduced some minor fixes to the Wordpress SDK. Check it out here.

Future Updates

As for the Future, we've got .NET and Java SDK's in the works, and a Wordpress offloading plugin will be coming out soon!