Watermarks are great way to safeguard your media assets. They come on top of media as small transparent images/logos. Let's see how it's easy to watermark your images & videos with Publitio.
If you didn't do it already, please create Publitio Account to begin with.

Create watermark

First thing to do, please go to Create Watermark page and select transparent PNG or JPG image to upload as watermark. Enter unique name (id) of your watermark (that you will user later as on option on your images & videos so chose something that you will remember), select desired position of watermark (default is bottom-right), while padding is optional (will move watermark number of pixels from it's position).
Create Watermark page
Once watermark is created, please write down your watermark ID (in our example it's publitio) - we will now use it to watermark some images & videos.

Apply watermark on image or video via Dashboard UI

Easiest way to apply watermark on an image or a video is while uploading file to Publitio. This guarantees that all future versions you create from this file will include this watermark on them by default. You can also set watermark by editing existing file (look for watermark select box).

Apply watermark via Dashboard UI

As soon as upload is done and you get your file preview URL you can see watermark in action (top right corner):


Applied watermark on image

Apply watermark on image or video via URL-Based API

Other very practical way to apply or change watermark on a image/video is to add wm option to the file URL:
Applied watermark on image via wm_p7 option

Notice the wm_p7 part in the URL (p7 is name/ID of our previously created watermark). This will not only overwrite originally set watermark, but will allow you to add different watermarks on each of your uploaded images and videos. Read more about URL-Based Transformations . Happy watermarking :) !

And for those who want it little bit easier we have created video tutorial that you can watch in action how we create and apply watermark on content: