Publitio attempts to take the pain out of whole Media Asset Management (MAM) process by easing common tasks used by majority of web & mobile apps, such as media files uploading, storage, processing and delivery, thus saving development time, reducing costs and making a life of developers more easier.

MAM - a "factory" of media where stuff gets in and other stuff (transformed) gets out.

Let see how you can utilize full power of Publitio platform to handle all video & image related needs.

Image & Video Storage

Publitio Dashboard and REST API comes with convenient way for uploading and storage of media files. We support wide range of file types for both images & videos, up to 5GB in size. Every uploaded file is getting stored and backed up on our back-end (built on top of AWS S3 and Azure Blob) so you can rest assure your files will be available when needed.

Looking for reliable image & video storage provider?

Image & Video Processing

Media processing includes everything from image & video transformations, manipulations, conversion (transcoding) between formats, up to watermarking, etc. Publitio URL-Based API allows on-the-fly processing of both images & videos, that is so simple to use - you get transformed file just by changing extension or few option parameters in the file url. Check out what image & video transformations are possible or try the demo for yourself.

Image & Video Publishing

Publitio has built-in media player that can empower your videos & images by instantly publishing them on any device. It comes with ads support (VAST & Google IMA ad tags) so you can even monetize you media assets along the way. It works by calling the /file/player API path that returns formatted html code with both player and prepared media for playback. See the Publitio Player in action.

Image & Video Delivery

When it comes to media assets delivery, Publitio infrastructure is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design. We partner with Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS to ensure that your images & videos will be always available, optimized (for both mobile & desktop end-viewers) and delivered at the best speed via our global networks of servers and CDNs.

Fast images & video delivery

These are few potential use cases of Publitio Image & Video Management Platform. We have made it pretty easy to connect your back-end with Publitio REST & URL-Based APIs. Our bottom line is this: don’t try to build in-house media assets management solution. Save your time & focus on core of your business. Let us handle your entire image & video workflow.