The process of looking for a digital asset management vendor who will meet your needs can be daunting. There are many features and benefits to consider, and you may feel overwhelmed if you are not well prepared.

We have prepared a list of essential questions to ask your prospective service provider during your demo. You can even send these questions to the vendor well in advance since they reflect your must-haves, and what you are looking to achieve with your new digital asset management system.

Publitio Demo

As you already know, Publtio is a Cloud-based Digital asset management system. With Publitio Demo, you can check out all sorts of file transformation Publitio has to offer. Besides platform based demo, you are more than welcome to reach out for an in-depth live demo of the product. 

Complete list of questions you should ask on a DAM Demo

Does the DAM comply with archive and museum standards?

The first question you should ask a DAM vendor is if they are compliant with industry standards. Examples of relevant standards include OAIS, National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), and Spectrum.

What type of file formats can be managed with the DAM?

DAM systems can vary in terms of file formats they support. That said, knowing which format your organization needs to support is crucial for selecting a system. For instance, the accounting department wants to catalogue their pdf as well as coordinate budget documents with marketing.

Ask whether the DAM software can show thumbnails, read and write metadata, as well as convert data from or file formats in your workflow.

How does the DAM protect sensitive information?

Chances are some of the digital assets you share will likely be private or have copyright restrictions. You need to ensure your vendor has a watertight strategy of monitoring authentication as well as protecting your files from malicious attacks.

Ask if the DAM system has features such as permission controls, single sign-on, and configuration of multiple user privacy.

Does the DAM allow configuration to suit your needs?

It’s vital that as your brand adjusts, your DAM system accommodates the changes. Find out if the DAM platform allows system admins to adjust and tweak content as they please. For instance, change folder structures, admin permissions, user groups, or even metadata schemes. 

Also, ask if you (as the admin) can make adjustments, or it’s them who will have to changes on your behalf. If it’s the vendor making adjustments, is it a free or paid service? The last thing you want is incurring many service charges for tasks you can do with ease. 

What other platforms does your DAM System integrate with?

New solutions are developed each day to cater for specific issues in the marketing ecosystem. Your DAM system plugs into other business web-based applications like cloud storage systems, and email marketing services. 

Ask if the DAM system integrates with different business and marketing platforms. For example, if you are a wholesaler with a considerable volume of orders, can the DAM integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP)? If you are a content marketer, can the system integrate with WordPress?

How easy is it to use the DAM platform?

Whether your organization is big or small, you don’t want a complex DAM system that will make onboarding to be an arduous task that will discourage your team from using the system. Find out if the platform is intuitive and easy to implement. Also, ask if the vendor offers adequate training and support. 

What kind of support do you get?

Hitches and system failures are inevitable in any application. But what keeps your brand going is the kind of customer support you receive from your DAM application vendor. 

Ask about the kind of support the vendor provides should problems arise. Questions you need to get answers for include: Is the technical/ customer support reachable around-the-clock? What are the available channels to contact customer support; live chat app, email, Skype, or phone call?

Can the DAM system scale with your growing business?

Every organization looks forward to the expansion. As your business grows, you will require more space for your content, your employees may increase, your branding may change, and you may introduce new software in your daily operations.

To learn if the system entails the agility to scale with your brand, ask your vendor the following questions:

  • Does the search function respond fast with tons of assets in the application?

  • If there are thousands of users interacting with the system simultaneously, does the user-interface remain responsive?

  • If there are thousands of downloads from the end-user side, will the speeds remain fast?

  • Are the speeds for both downloads and uploads fast for users across the globe?

  • What are the case studies available to prove that the DAM application can handle significant volumes of digital assets from many organizations simultaneously?

Why should I choose you over other DAM vendors?

There are a plethora of DAM vendors promising to help improve your brand’s digital assets management. But how many deliver what they promise?

The question – why should I pick your DAM vending services over others? – It helps you hear from the horse’s mouth, reasons why the vendor sticks out from competitors. If you don’t receive a cohesive response, the odds are that the vendor is not a good fit. 

Who have you worked with in the past?

DAM vendor’s customer-base speaks volumes about the quality of their services. Asking about the current customers gives you an overview of the vendor before using their services.

You want to be sure that the vendor is experienced with your line of business. If the list of past clients includes reputable brands in your industry, then the DAM vendor is the right fit. 

For instance, if your brand deals with human resource management, you want to use a vendor whose DAM system accommodates your profession and not a ticket sales company. 


While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the critical questions that will better your chances of having a long and fruitful relationship with your vendor. 

Always start with a complete evaluation of your business needs, and make sure you select a vendor that can address your unique use-case. If you are still having second thoughts on which vendor to choose, read our article How to Choose Right Digital Asset Management Platform for You.

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