Publitio handles storage, processing and delivery of images, videos & rich-media files for modern web apps. If you haven't already created account you can register here. Below are few resource links to help you get started with using Publitio as your media asset management solution:

Access Dashboard

Publitio Dashboard is beautiful designed UI for your media assets management. Here you can upload & organize files, simply create file transformations (like resizing, cropping, transcoding & conversion to different formats,etc.), easily make and apply watermarks to images & videos, even create and customize unbranded media players (with ads support) for videos, audios & images. Dashboard is the place to go to see your account usage, to manage subscription & billing, and to apply desired settings & options you can have.

Publitio Dashboard

Download SDK or Plugin for your framework or CMS of choice

Dashboard is nice, but true power is in the connecting of your backend or app with our API. Publitio provides REST API and you can download SDKs & Plugins for easy and quick integration to framework or CMS of your choice. Grab your API KEYS and start integrating Publitio API with your web or mobile app right away.

Download SDK or Plugin


Explore our Community and find the resource you need

Start exploring Publitio's Community with extensive list of blog articles & questions already covered. Next to it, we have detailed API Documentation for the developers. If you need help with anything account related best place to look is Support Center or open support ticket for direct help from our support team.

Publitio Community

 Hope this will help you get started with Publitio. Once you get familiar with the Dashboard and API, we would like to help you understand the value our service brings as a whole to your online business. Please take a look at next article on subject What you can do with Publitio.

If you haven't signed up yet with, this is the right moment to do so. But if you are still having second thoughts, we do understand and encourage you to read more about our solutions like Image management, video management, Media Offloading for WordPress sites. Publitio Media Offloading Plugin was featured at Dessign's Best WP Image Optimizer plugins for WordPress list. You can check out what they have to say about us.