On July 1st, 2021, Publitio will be adding new Premium subscription plan and adapting the current plans to new pay-as-you-go pricing model, to best accommodate users growing needs. These changes will apply to new accounts and portion of old. If you’re on an existing active subscription plan, nothing changes for you. 

Since we launched Publitio 4 years ago, we have evolved from a modest image & video API into a comprehensive Cloud Media platform. This change stems from our commitment to create the best possible platform to meet your emerging needs for image and video delivery. In addition to the added value of the platform, we have grown together with our community. Publitio is now used by more than 50.000 people! This is a wonderful, wide and diverse community – from first-timers to seasoned veterans, internet marketers, developers, freelancers to big brands and agencies – all with specific needs and requirements.

Yet, our pricing model for Publitio has hardly changed since it was introduced in 2018, and it’s time to update it. To best accommodate these evolving needs, we’ll be making changes to Publitio plans, which will apply to new accounts made from July 1st, 2021 and also on portion of old accounts as we will be moving them to new pay-as-you-go pricing model to best accommodate users growing needs.

Introducing PREMIUM plan

The Publitio Premium plan unlocks all premium features like HLS video encryption, Domain Level Protection, custom CNAME (subdomain) for files, Analytics, Priority Support and it comes with pay-as-you-go pricing for any additional usage outside included plans capacity. By default Publitio Premium plan has 50 GB storage space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth limit, and all this for a low flat fee of just $9/month.

Publitio PREMIUM plan overview


This plan offers good one-size-fit-all approach, with low entry fee for SMBs and truly unlimited potential in scaling for large & enterprise size business. Included capacity of 50 GB storage and 100 GB monthly bandwidth is just enough for majority of websites and apps, and pay-as-you-go usage allows auto-scaling wheatear you need more storage space or more bandwidth - you will be charged only for extra usage during that month.


Pay-As-You-Go pricing for additional usage

PREMIUM plan has pay-as-you-go usage enabled. If you go over your plans limit (included storage space and bandwidth) you will be charged based on additional gigabytes of usage during that month. Additional usage pricing starts at: $0.035/GB of storage space and $0.075/GB of bandwidth and following pricing tiers apply:

This is extra monthly price per gigabyte of additional storage used:

First 50 GB: included in plan

Next 0-10 TB: $0.035 per GB

Next 10-50 TB: $0.030 per GB

Next 50+ TB: $0.025 per GB

This is extra monthly price per gigabyte of additional bandwidth used :
First 100 GB: included in plan

Next 0-1 TB: $0.075 per GB

Next 1-10 TB: $0.065 per GB

Next 10-50 TB: $0.055 per GB

Next 50-100 TB: $0.045 per GB

Next 100+ TB: $0.035 per GB

Premium features

As we mentioned above Publitio Premium plan unlocks all premium features: from HLS video encryption, Domain Level Protection, custom CNAME (subdomain) for files, etc. Part of premium features are now Analytics (which we introduced in May) and Priority Support (any ticket created by paid monthly accounts get prioritized for our support team). So if you are in need for any of the features mentioned you can get access to them by subscribing to PREMIUM plan for just $9/month.

FREE 14 Days Trial Available for PREMIUM plan

All new accounts can try Publitio PREMIUM plan for FREE during 14 days trial period. We made it really easy to start the free trial and if your accounts qualify you will see the message and/or will be redirected to trial page.

Trying PREMIUM free for 14 days


Regarding Lifetime accounts

As a part of the switch to the new pay-as-you-go pricing model, Lifetime accounts will have certain limitations. Don't worry - any capacity you have bought during our lifetime sales campaign remains - however some features (like Pay-as-you-go usage, Priority Support) will be limited to PREMIUM plan. If you are in the need of even more storage space or bandwidth, or you require priority and technical support you can get access to them by subscribing to the PREMIUM plan for just $9/month.

Why you should subscribe to PREMIUM plan 

By subscribing to PREMIUM plan you are helping our business to grow - allowing us to hire more developers and support engineers, to scale up the servers in even more data centers around the globe - meaning even better performance and media delivery speeds. As a SaaS (Software As A Service) business one of the key metrics all our current (and future investors) like to see is the number of monthly paid subscribers and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). If just a percentage of our free user base would subscribe to PREMIUM plan today, we would hit such a sweet metrics that we would be able to close Series A funding from any VC fund immediately.  As as startup this is a best viable option for us - allowing us to scale up the team, complete the development roadmap and focus on new and exciting features, even more integrations, better performance and best possible speeds for images and video delivery, and to keep our business running.